Can You Ask For Help When You Really Need It? Can You Move From: "I Don't Know What I Want to I Do Know What I Want"?

 Recently a dear friend reached cried out to me with a deep plea from his soul. He wanted help. His cry was “Come get me. I can’t do this alone. I need help. I am dead. I am sick. I need help. This is more than I can handle”.

Did he just say these words? No.  He screamed them from the center of his soul. He begged, demanded in a way that no one could deny. It was deep, profound, the kind of cry that you instantly reach your hand out to, no questions asked. Included in his plea was the statement, “If someone does not come in this door within a few minutes and put their arms around me tell me they love me, I am going to die. It was guttural.

I came. I had never heard such a deep, honest and courageous, yet demanding plea as this. I had to pack, fly, rent a car and drive, which took me only 24 hours. He told me he would sit on his couch and wait for me, that he would not move. He waited. I arrived and he grabbed me, held me and sobbed in gratitude.

His courage to express his pain and reach out with total abandon of any self consciousness was refreshing.  Although painful, it was beautiful. Most of us don’t have the courage to be so vulnerable. Many of us don’t even know when to ask for help, let alone how to.

 We talked for hours, and I fed him of course. I listened and tried to meet him where he was. He was so stressed over money, rent, his car, and his girlfriend. He was spiraling down through a maze of ridiculous confusion over what seemed to me really simple matters. Simple to me. but to him, his whole life, purpose and the value of his existence was wrapped up in it and her. He also kept saying he was so afraid. I asked what he was afraid of, and he could not answer. He actually looked at me with surprise in that he thought it was obvious.

At one point after sharing, a new space emerged and we discussed action steps. I asked, “What do you want?” His only answer was, “I don’t know?” Over the course of a couple days he was able to express what we wanted within the situation. But, since the situation would determine unidentified long term outcomes, I thought it important to look ahead. He could not find the answer of what his soul wanted in his life. He just wanted this situation to be resolved. I got it. How can we even think long term when we are sitting in the midst of a crisis? Most of us just want the crisis to be over.

With reflection I began to ask myself, “Why is it so much easier to express our pain rather than to express our desires?”  Even though many of the details were worked out regarding the rent, landlord and the girlfriend, he still could not articulate what he really wanted in his life. In retrospect I think he just wanted all his past efforts toward a particular outcome to turn out golden, and that is not what was happening. There was a sense of defeat and failure that he could not accept or deal with. He could no longer proceed alone. He needed help.

With further reflection I saw that many of us move from one crisis or situation after another. We often lack the foresight to create a vision that excites us and fulfills us with a sense of purpose for our entire life. I get this. I have done it as well. All of a sudden we find ourselves older or old and it is too late to fulfill dreams we had when we were younger. Or, we fail to continue asking ourselves. So many of us are just responding to life, and putting out fires.

 I remember when I was 42 years old, I realized that I would never be a professional dancer. When I saw that it was too late, I cried– sobbed with regret and mourned the loss of what would never be. Why did I not pursue it? I certainly could have, but I just let life get in the way by responding to circumstances and fulfilled shortterm goals. I did not pay attention to the deepest expression that my soul yearned for.  Dang.

How about you? Can you claim your desire with the same intensity that you claim your pain? Can you connect to your higher power and ask  yourself, “What do I really want from the deepest part of my soul?”

 Can you cultivate authentic curiosity, identify the essence of your unique desires,  and then muster up the courage to dare believe it could be yours, and act on it?

My friend has the kind of emotional courage I admire. He was not afraid to ask for help. Perhaps from this new place of confidence, knowing that friends show up when he asks, he will find the space in him to identify his desires beyond his immediate needs.  

Despite what is going on in your life, I suggest we all continue to ask ourselves what do we really want. Asking this question will probably also alleviate the pain, because the pain often comes from dreams unrealized. Where is your pain, and what do you need to do to alleviate it? Does it have anything to do with your deepest desires. Check in and ask yourself.

Self awareness is not always easy, but it is always valuable. It just may contain the revelation you need to move forward.

Do you need help? D you have the courage to reach out and ask for help.




Raw Beet Apple Salad with Macadamia Nut Powder & Fresh Mint

Raw Beet Apple Salad with Macadamia Nuts & Mint

Raw Beet Apple Salad with Macadamia Nuts & Mint

This is the most delicious salad you ever tasted - if you like beets that is. That said, it is simple to make but a little messy. But, so worth it!!


1 raw beet - washed and scrubbed

1 or 2 raw apples (depends on the size of the beet. I like lots of apple, so it is usually two to 1.

a small handful of raw macadamia nuts

a few fresh sprigs of fresh mint

Get out the grater. Now, this is important. It is vital to the taste of this salad to grate it on the very smallest grate. It takes a little work, but it is what makes it juicy. It is all about the juicy………the apple actually turns to apple sauce. This is also the best way to grate carrots too. When you make them juicy they are so much more tasty.

Grind the macadamia nuts (or sesame seeds) into a powder. I use my Vita Mix. Easy.

Mix the beets and apple, and top with macadamia powder and chopped mint. OMG, this is so good.


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High Protein Vegan or Vegetarian Salad Recipe with Cultured Veggies

High Protein “Spicy” Vegan or Vegetarian (Egg) Salad

High Protein “Spicy” Vegan or Vegetarian (Egg) Salad

This is a recipe I pulled out of the fridge when I needed a quick meal full of some protein. I had some Arugula, and I always have carrots. So together they came with a couple boiled eggs and chopped jalapeno. This is a great lunch to prepare for your lunch. Easy! Yum

Serves 1 - Double for 2


2 hard boiled eggs

Grated Carrot (on the small grid - juicer that way)

Chopped Jalapeno (without the seeds)

Chopped Celery & Onion (if you like)

Olive Oil

Vegenaise (or another high quality mayo type condiment - or just olive oil)

1 tbsp Sauerkraut - or any tasty cultured veggies or Kim Chi


And, anything else you might have in thew way of extra veggies in the fridge or spices.


Smush the eggs and add in the mayo, diced jalapeno, Sauerkraut, S&P and maybe a dash of Cayenne.

Grate Carrots, and assemble all in a bowl or layered on top like shown in the picture.

Serve with crackers and/or sea weed wraps!

Want to learn more about high powered diets and recipes for Aging On Purpose. Join me and others in the “40 Day Dietary & Self Care Challenge”. Starts September. Special offer for one week only (starting August 6-13). The first 10 people to register will receive a private consultation with me. This offer is for one week only!

Also, check out my new Blog post introducing my new studio and “Why I Do What I Do”.

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Letting My Freak Flag Fly- Why I Do What I Do

Mural with James.jpg

The picture: This is the beautiful mural created by James R. Hahn, renowned world class artist, created for my Chef Teton TV studio. The post below provides a hint of what we will be doing. Stay tuned!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Last year, July 4, 2018 (my birthday) I came down with a horrible case of shingles. On the left side of my body, wrapping from the left side of my spine, under my arm and across my left breast to my sternum. My heart center was encased in a nightmare. It hurt in a way I cannot describe, which I believe led to a level of mourning I never experienced before. I was already a self care junkie and have been teaching and coaching for years, but now the experience and insights that flooded in are serving me and I hope will serve you as well. 

It has been over a year. I am back, but different. Thank God. My goal was to be completely back to normal in one year (by this recent July 4, 2019). Oh God, let me rethink that. It was normal that put me down, so I don’t want to go there again. Although I knew the vital aspects of stress, self care, personal development and diet, I was cutting corners and not practicing what I knew I should. Could you be doing this as well? Because I “sort of” practiced excellent self care since I was 50, and was healthy for so long I thought I was invincible and took advantage of my vitality. Someone needed to knock me on the head and inform me that I am in my 70’s after all. I had let my self care practice slip, thinking I was somehow immune to any disorder. Wrong. With humility I see the error of my ways and am dedicating myself to a new practice. The is another factor in this in that we continue to learn so much about the body, our inner lives and how we can age better.

This post is dedicated to the underlying motivation that propels my self care practice now, and why I am re-dedicated to Aging With Purpose and Vitality, and sharing what I have learned and am learning with you. 

My new mission: I am going to do the best I can. I am going to push my limits like I am going for the gold medal. This does not mean I am going to push in an unhealthy way. It means I am committed and on purpose with a new attitude, perspective, wisdom and vigor. 

My training involves soaking myself and putting into action the latest info and methods about aging. It includes diet, the energy system, Circadian Rhythm, Mitochondria health, supplements, Chinese medicine, yoga, etc.. Most importantly, I am embracing the energetic and soulful lifestyle that includes community, pleasure, fun and the deep spiritual practice it takes to connect with self, honor self, and take appropriate and safe action. It has to be fun! And, I am discovering the rewards are dramatically satisfying.

This may sound a bit much, but I am driven in this area for some reason - always have been. I am a warrior on the path of wellness (the path of Imi’ola). It is just the way it is. It is my art, it is what motivates me, and I love the study of life at its best. It is me letting my Freak Flag Fly. 

I have arrived at 74 actually quite healthy, and feeling vibrant, although the way I approached it in the past was stressful in that I sought vitality through avoidance of getting older and weaker. I was trying way too damn hard. Although my inner world was wise and I could teach spiritual practices for self growth with my eyes closed, I was not nurturing myself with what I knew to do. I was partially acting out an old identity with adaptive behaviors that I was blind to, and that are often motivated by trying to avoid something or trying to get something. In the most subtle ways I was not acting on my own behalf a good part of the time, although it sure looked like I was. Did I know this? No. With guidance I cried “help” and thus grew to discover that the energy of approaching life through avoidance is one that creates stress in the body and soul. I had to wake up and re-learn what acting on my own behalf is. Can you relate?

Conversely an impeccable self care practice motivated by the vision of Aging on purpose, with purpose, creates excitement and motivation fueled by honesty, humility and commitment and a vision of wonderfulness. I mean, let’s really look at this. We either age and embrace it or go underground. We can’t really anti age, but we can age well and be happy while we do it. The current paradigm of aging is full of fear and disease, and often shame and embarrassment. Every time I listen to a new summit or podcast, they start out by informing the listeners that all these horrible diseases are imminent as we age. This is not the TRUTH. They are not, if we breeze into our elder years with preparedness. 

Learning new ways is easy, but putting them into practice is another story, particularly if they call for change. It takes discipline, and this calls for a new type of discipline, one motivated by a vision of possibility. I recently heard my yoga teacher say “discipline is being a disciple of your higher self”. This landed in me deeply, because this is where it must start. We must be disciples of our higher self who whispers in our ear’s what is in our highest and best interest. Are you listening?

Acting on our own behalf takes much more than a healthy smoothie or a vitamin supplement. It takes listening and maneuvering in a world that no one has taught us to go yet. Watching my Mom live in her 80’s and 90’s paved the way for a new vision - for me anyway. 

Webster defines discipline in negative ways speaking of punishment, yet there was one definition that spoke more true to me:  “To train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control”. Is self control what it is going to take in our current culture? Yes, I think so. Yet, self control does not need to be taken to the limit of torture.  Learning, growing and using self control to create new lifestyle practices is what is being called for here. None of us have lived tomorrow yet. Most of us do not have role models that show us how to live vibrantly at 70, 80 or 90. There is just too much disease and depletion happening. I see those of us who take on the path of Aging With Purpose and Vitality as the new warriors of elders. Let’s do it well. 

If we are not disciplining ourselves and not taking the action we know is in our best interest, then our only punishment is depriving ourselves of our God given potential, pleasure and fun that is available to us. 

There will be much more coming from me on this subject as I let my freak flag fly.  I am creating a movement, and I hope you will join me. 

Keep your glow, enhance your vitality and honor the self that has no limits. 

Let’s sail into the era as wise elders who have their shit together.

What say you?

Susan Teton

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Susan Teton is an Author and evangelist for smart eating, regenerative agriculture (culture) and living a vision of our highest potential as we cruise into our elder years.



Are Being Pulled By The Vision of What You Want - Or - By Preventing Something You Don't Want?

hold fruit full length.jpg

Are you pulled by your vision of possibility?


by the fear of preventing something you don't want?

The difference in the energy of these two opposite motivations is profound. If we are pulled by our vision of possibility the energy buzzing inside of us will be inspired and fun. It will be filled with a vision of something we want. BUT, if we are pulled by fear of preventing something bad or something we don’t want then the energy buzzing inside of us is filled with stress of trying to avoid something, and this vibrates a much lower frequency. Think about.

I was told years ago that prevention was not sexy. I never understood this because I was motivated by prevention. In the area of health, I did not want to get sick. I was motivated more by fear, even though it did not look like fear to me. Now I get it! But, it cost me.

Being motivated by prevention brought on stress, particularly if I did not live up to my own standards. This stress accumulated in me and eventually put me down.  Of course, it was not the only stress I had in my life. I was also working hard, also from a place of “earning a living”, not from a place of inspired manifestation. I am still dealing with the inner works of how I handle life, because Shingles kicked my butt and I can’t let that happen again. I really do want to Age With Vitality. So, now I act from this place, a place that includes a vision of excitement for me. I am doing the same with my work and all other areas as I look toward the future. This new attitude and inspired vision births a new feeling and buzz inside of me each day.

How about you? To illustrate what I saying, what sounds and feels better? "You better not eat processed foods because they are not good for you. They cause inflammation, addiction, etc. ... Or, If you enjoy high quality whole foods that taste amazing, your skin will radiate, your joints will be more flexible, and you will have the energy you need to fulfill your dreams?" Feel the difference? One motivation brings results and joy, the other brings resistance, dread, lack and not much enjoyment at all, which causes even more internal stress. In addition to the stress the results you really want may never arrive. 

Here is another example: ”I am going to exercise everyday because my doctor says it is good for me, so I will keep my heart healthy and I won’t get stiff?”  Or, “I am excited to breathe deep and bring fresh blood and oxygen to all my joints and organs, and then feel refreshed and stronger with an uplifted mood?

 When I discovered this very slight difference in how I approach almost everything I want to do in my life, I was able to look back and see why the hell I got so stressed from a lifetime of trying. This trying, the energy of how we approach things - everything - has so much to do with our anxiety and thus stress. This stress adds up over time and accelerates our aging. It brings us down, not up. Our inner energetics is everything. It is the place to start and that is what we are going to do in the 40 Day Dietary and Self Care Challenge. 

Each of us are going to pick a few ways to challenge ourselves within our self care practice. Why only a few? In all the teaching and coaching I have done I have found that the basic first steps need to established as a habit or routine first. Once they are incorporated, then you can move even further ahead with more support from your already mastered first steps. Once incorporated in your life, you will be empowered to move head further.

What is going on inside you? What is motivating you? What is most important? What can you reasonably fit into a life that is already full? What steps are needed first? Any time anyone steps out to learn something new; a sport, a musical instrument, a language, anything, they start with the basics and master each step one at a time. Once that is mastered and incorporated into one’s life, then they can take on the next. Conversely, you may not be starting out on a self care practice, but already has one that needs a makeover, or enhancement. Oh, gosh, we just keep learning and there are powerful ways to enhance or inner world and the body we live in. We are continually a work in progress and always in need of some improvement it seems.

In the 40 Day Dietary and Self Care Challenge I am going to help you choose what the most important step(s) you need to make for your vitality. Then I am going to help you incorporate them into your life so that they stay! It’s all you, and what you can do. But, once you choose, then we are going to hold you to it. All of us in the course. It will be fun. Because when we are complete the 40 Days you are going to have a whole new habit that is going to support you in your life on your way to Aging With Vitality. 

Read more about the 40 Day Challenge and Sign Up HERE. The course starts September 4, 2019. There is limited space.

Want to discuss if this course is right for you? I am happy to offer a 30 minute - no obligation - complimentary consultation. Contact me with time zone and potential availability @

Can’t wait!!




Pear Parsley Smoothie


This is the most delicious “simple” smoothie. It is refreshing, and if you use sweet ripe pears it is even better. This combination is great for a morning cleanse and afternoon refresher! Make enough to last a day or two. YUM!

2 ripe pears
½ of a bunch of Italian parsley
3 - 4 cups of water

Blend into a drink - add water as needed. Pour into a glass jar and keep refrigerated.




40 Days of Action Will Deliver The Results You Want


In Aging Beautifully - the Path to ‘Imi ola, I have been pondering on the kind of course I wanted to offer this spring. Should I teach nutrition, culinary instruction and diet? Weight loss? Spiritual growth? Mind Control? Lifestyle?

After a few days of meditation and inquiry it came to me to do a 40 Day Challenge for upgrading your self-care regimen. The focus: food, thinking and any other practice you want to put into your life that will enhance your self-care.

That is a tall order but there is not a person I know who knows better but does not do better in the areas of self-care. In addition, I am not so sure one diet fits all. The bottom line of every healthy diet is that they are all “whole food” based. Diet and food, and the response your body has in regards to it, varies with each person. The other bottom line  is that junk food, processed foods, sugar and bad fats, and GMO foods are detrimental.

Can you find a few areas of self-care that you need to upgrade? I am sure you can. But before you start feeling bad or guilty, read the copy below about how a new practice for only 40 days can solidify or create a new habit that can be effective and lasting.

Then stay tuned for the announcement of my new course: Aging Beautifully - The 40 Day Challenge for a dietary upgrade. Let’s create some new habits to support our body, our life and our Path to ‘Imi Ola (the highest form of well-being).

The Technology of 40 days to Change the Habits
Excerpted from Faces Changes II by Dr. Kartar. Prosperity Paths Jan 2004 Iss

Thousands of years ago yogis became aware that it is possible to adjust one’s life through changing one’s habits. Actually this seems like a simple concept, however, for most people a difficult challenge. Habits are repetitive behaviors which form specific patterns in our reality. At the time that the pattern was first repeated, it seemed like a desirable action. However, as our awareness enfolded, these same desirable habits were now experienced as undesirable. Yogic technology offers specific practices to adjust undesirable habits, even those which are haunting us. There is a specific time commitment which is required to adjust the neurons and the frequencies of our brain. According to yogic technology it takes 40 days to change a habit – to retrain the mental process and nervous system. Practicing anything for at least 40 days allows you the opportunity to incorporate it into your being, turn on, wake up, transform!

Manifesting change requires patience and baby steps. Yoga and meditation help us to facilitate change because they can help us to penetrate the psyche to change our habit structure at a core level. If we don’t change the psyche then change won’t last, it is just that simple.

Formula for Success

Choose simple habits to change at first. Specifically target the habit you’re trying to change. Work hard for 40 days, and then begin to target the next habit you would like to change.

40 days to change or break a habit.

90 days to confirm a new habit.

120 days the new habit is who you are.

1000 days You have mastered the new habit.

This means that our brain does not accept ‘new’ data for a change of habit unless it is repeated each day for 40 days (without missing a day).

How would your life change? Can you imagine how differently you would think, feel and behave if you had a change of habit? You can’t put a price on it. Habits take time and consistency.  So if you are taking the challenge remember all truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience and if you have not started then Today is as good as any.

It is my pleasure to offer you a  complimentary 15-minute consultation to help you upgrade your self-care!

Interested? Contact me at and/or stay tuned for my course announcement coming up later this week. Space is limited!



Baked Veggie Soup


Our bodies need fast and easy nourishment and this recipe provides just that - check it out below!

1 Kobacha squash
1 Sweet potato or yam
1 onion (sweet yellow are best)
4 gloves of garlic
1-2 tbsp olive oil
16 oz broth: veggie, chicken, or beef (you could use water as well)

Depending on the flavor of the squash and potato you may not need any seasoning at all. But, in case you do want to bump up the flavors, try some of these:

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Cumin

  • Cayenne

Maybe a splash of curry and/or cinnamon. Sometimes, just one teaspoon of tamari can turn up the notch of the flavor without it tasting like tamari. Balsamic vinegar will do the same – just ½ tsp, and possibly 1 tsp if a large amount.  

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Chop veggies and arrange them on a baking sheet. Leave the garlic cloves in their skin. Sprinkle a little olive oil on the chopped onion and the garlic.

Bake until all the ingredients until they are tender.

*Note: The garlic usually cooks much faster than the rest of the vegetables. So check it after about 20 minutes. When it is tender remove it from the oven and cook the remainder of the veggies.

When the veggies are tender blend them with the broth.    



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‘Imi ola


‘Imi ola: the Hawaiian word that awakened me how to express the true meaning for Aging Beautifully. I am totally in love with this word.  

If you are any kind of seeker in truth, growth and a beautiful life, you may love this word as much as I do. Actually, ‘Imi ola is a value. Taking this value on as a practice is to encourage fulfilling a destiny of achieving the highest form of life - well being. What a beautiful goal.

Many of us are just trying to get by, or some of us have big goals of making a good living, being healthy and living in supportive communities. Many need a purpose, something of value and meaning to drive us. What if our innermost primary goal was to take on the value of ‘Imi ola and seek the highest form of life and well being as our destiny? Would this be enough to satisfy us? Could our purpose be first and foremost to steward ourselves continually so that we could be a vessel of well being to ourselves, families, communities, and the world?

If we took on that value as a practice with our eyes on the prize, imagine how wonderful it would be to be living in an old body having achieved the highest form of life - well being. Doesn't this just give you the coolest vision?

It did for me. This is such a better vision than one with fear and loathing over getting old. I think I am going to call it “Aging Beautifully”. There is nothing more beautiful than an older person who is healthy with a twinkle in their eye. The Dali Lama is a good example as are many of the Centenarians. When we stand on a mountain top and view the Earth in all its majesty, “beautiful”, is the word that many say. A healthy Earth, and healthy humans are all beautiful. This is what we want to achieve.

sunrise-2379270_1920 (1).jpg

In an effort to express how much this means to me, I created a video over a year ago that I want you to watch. I believe it will give you a new perspective on aging, and perhaps awaken in you a new vision for your life’s purpose. It did mine.

I am launching an upcoming course called: ‘Imi ola - The Path to Aging Beautifully. You will be hearing a lot more about it as I adopt this theme going forward and share everything I can think of that has helped me to and others I know to Age Beautifully.  

Check out the video HERE where I give my best explanation for ‘Imi ola, and see if it turns you on like it did me.

Have a question? Need some help? I am happy to offer 15 minute free consultation. Please sign up here for an appointment. It is always helpful to me as well as I hope it is for you, so please do sign up.  

Also, I am opening up a few spots for private coaching again. Stay tuned for my new course coming soon called “Aging Beautifully - a Lifestyle and Dietary Makeover” . This will be a 8 week course you will not want to miss.

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Ayurvedic Sweet & Sour Potatoes

Ayur Potatoes .jpg

Sweet, Sour, Salty Bitter and Unami - these are the universally accepted basic tastes that are perceived and stimulate our taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (savory).

One afternoon I was visiting a friend of mine that was an Ayurvedic doctor. We unexpectedly talked into the evening and found ourselves hungry. At the time I had been traveling and there was hardly anything to eat in the house. He assured me we would find something and luckily, we did.

First, we discovered some russet potatoes in the fridge. We quickly washed, cut them in big chunks (peels left on) and put them into a pot to steam. Next we discovered some olive oil and parsley. “Perfect”, he said. While the potatoes were cooking, he chopped the parsley. Soon, when the potatoes were soft, he threw them into a bowl and drizzled olive oil all over them. Then he asked if there was any honey in the cabinet. What? I thought. As much as I love honey, I could not imagine it on steamed potatoes. Yes, that is what he did next - pour a little honey on the potato mixture. It did not stop there. He picked a lemon from the fruit bowl, cut it in half and gave it a squeeze over the entire bowl, topped it with salt and served it.

He went on to explain that in the Ayurvedic tradition it is important to put as many of the tastes that are available to us in one meal. This is not only the best way to feel complete after a meal, but it aides in our digestion as well.

Let me tell you, these potatoes were delicious.

Satisfying a desire for something luscious, fatty, salty and sweet!

I don’t always eat them this way, but when I want something simple to completely satisfy me, something satiating and luscious, this meal goes a long way to create to create complete satisfaction. And, it has inspired me to add a squeeze of lemon on many meals that I would not have thought of otherwise. It does the same thing a scoop of cultured vegetables will do for a meal - like the pickle on the hamburger.

This recipe is great for guests or potlucks.

Try it for potlucks - so you can arouse everyone with something new. You will also be able to fill yourself up and not be tempted by some of the “other” foods you may not want.

II added cilantro instead of parsley in the picture above. I love cilantro so much I put it on everything.  

Be creative and think about satisfying all your senses in one meal!



Rosemary Tofu Toast


When I discovered using fresh herbs on my everyday meals everything changed. A fresh herb, cooked or raw, can change a boring meal into something special.

Here is my special Rosemary Tofu Toast. Everyone I make this for thinks I am nuts when I pull raw tofu out of the fridge. Although I don't eat tofu a lot, every now and then I have to have this meal. Give it a try, and if you really don't like the idea of raw tofu, then use some raw goat cheese, avocado or just plain toast with the rosemary and olive oil.

1 piece of your favorite toast (mine is spelt sourdough)
1 sprig of fresh rosemary
2 tablespoons of EVOO
2 slices of raw (firm) tofu

Warm sauce pan and add olive oil (don't get it too hot).

Finely chop the rosemary and add it to the olive oil, and cook it for just a minute or so (it should sizzle, but don't let it burn).

Pop bread into the toaster.

When the toast is crispy, place about 1 tablespoon of the EVOO rosemary mixture on the toast.

Top with the tofu, and all the remaining EVOO rosemary mixture.

Salt and pepper and then top it off with chili flakes (a must).

PS. If you haven’t heard, my friend Kami McBride has an amazing herb book called The Herbal Kitchen and it has… drumroll…250 (Yes, two hundred and fifty) recipes that have inspired my herbal kitchen for sure. You can check it out here 




Using Prayer to Show UP


My new life in 2019. How we (me and my three partners) use prayer to help us launch a much needed movement on Maui.  

The new vision was birthed a couple of years ago, and it has turned into a full-time gig for me with a whole new commitment. I am going to share it with you because this is what I do.

As those of you who have read my story in “Eating As A Spiritual Practice” you know that I am what some call a “professional activist”. When I moved to Maui 13 years ago I began teaching raw food prep and cooking. Optimum health was my motive and my commitment - not just for me but for the all life as I knew it. Following my work with EarthSave International and my own organization, Spirit In Action, my consciousness had been brainwashed with critical knowledge about the food, agriculture practices and policies, Earth’s living systems, and the connection all this meant to our own bodies. Understanding that our food choices and systems were tied to most of the breakdown we are witnessing in our culture, from our personal health to climate change, I became a dedicated crusader for a better way. I am not boasting, nor am I saying my way is the right way. It is simply my way and there is no turning back.  

So, here is a bit of the back story. A couple of years ago I would stay up late with my friend, Charlotte, who was an expert with climate change as we discussed how we might use the Central Valley of Maui to grow food for Maui and the other islands. You see, Hawaii imports 90% of their food and we are slightly vulnerable to the global climatic weather changes we are all witnessing. Three days without food delivery and we are dust - so to speak.  I understood Charlotte’s passionate desire to capture the prime agricultural land on Maui, previously used for plantation style sugar cane farming. The Central Valley of Maui is known as the “bread basket of Hawaii”. It is about 35,000 contiguous acres of prime land perfect to solve the issue of our dependency on the Mainland and food sovereignty goals.

Sugarcane growing had come to a halt, the plantation days were over, and Alexander & Baldwin (A&B) (the land owners) were losing money. This beautiful land that had been tortured with Roundup and other pesticides now lay fallow.

One evening, at my last Birthday party, two more friends, Sandra and Kutira,  joined us as we plotted to write Oprah a letter. Could she help? She is a large landowner on Maui, and she does have lots of bucks and power. We began meeting and discussing what we might ask her to do.

After just a few meetings we declared, “Who needs Oprah? Let’s pull the community together and see what we can accomplish.” No offense to Oprah, but we did not want it to become Oprah land, we wanted the land for grow local cultural foods to create Food Security for the local people. We knew this was the land to fulfill that need, and we knew this was the land to do it on.

And we wanted it.

We knew we could come up with a plan to revitalize the soil, increase the fertility and begin growing food for the Islands - a daunting task to say the least. But how? Where do we start?

Realizing that we needed expert help, and knowing we certainly could not establish trust with them on our own, we hired Steve Apfelbaum of Applied Ecological Services to come out and assess the land, create a preliminary design, and assist us to begin our negotiations with A&B.  

Steve Apfelbaum is one of the leading ecologists in the world, and is probably one of the most likable people you will ever meet. With patience Steve addressed a lot of the local people. He told stories of places where the land and people witnessed similar destruction and then rehabilitation with new designs that met the people’s needs. They trusted him and began to trust us.  This was and is a huge hurdle that is not over yet as we still get resistance. Many times we have put our names on the line and were faced with opposition because of our gender and culture difference of native Hawaiians. We can’t hide our passion and dedication and turn the other cheek because of where we were born. We are all stewards of the land and it is our collective kuleana (responsibility) to do what is pono (the right thing) and make a difference. If there is something we can do within our means, then we must.  I grew up in Southern California where I witnessed destruction as well - what was once a valley laced with fruit orchards is now track housing, large big box stores and freeways.

Did we give up? Never did we even think of it. Never did we ask ourselves, “Should we do this?”  

Here is a montage series of events that brought us to present day. An investor stepped up to support our efforts. We formed Aina First (, hired an attorney, a CFO, a CEO, a controller and Charlotte. Together with our co-founders (Kutira and Sandra) we formed our start-up company. Charlotte and her team of internationally known consultants and advisors began forming the farm and business plan. I was down with Shingles, but attended BOD meetings until I was well enough to go to work, which was in October.  

We named our company “Aina First”  because Aina means the land. The love of the land is at the core of the Hawaiian Culture and moving forward while valuing Her first is the foundation of our work. When we honor the land that feeds us then we honor all life, and we all win.

IMG_2073 (1).JPG

Together the four of us along with our management team stumbled through the dynamics of four women working together. We hit some big snags, political backlash, mis-understandings, and more. We would fall into the gutter of our lower selves but bounced back up once we found ourselves there. Prayer was our method for recovery. We started every meeting with a prayer of unity asking for divine guidance as we navigated through stormy and calm waters. When our ego and emotions brought about confusion, we would stop, circle up and drop into our hearts and ask for harmony, guidance and divine solutions. Unifying prayer is what kept us together, kept us on track, kept our egos in check, and provided the trust and leadership we needed.

Our biggest hurdle, and probably the reason we did not get to purchase the land, is that we did not get the kind of financing in place fast enough for this multi million dollar purchase. We were almost there and then the news came just around Christmas in 2018. The land was sold to Trinitas, an almond growing company in California. No!!!!!!!!!!!! We were devastated.

Of course, the press on Maui and around the Island went wild with news of the sale along with investigating journalism trying to identify this company. “Who are these guys?” The parent company, Trinitas or Pomona Farming, formed a new company called Mahi Pono, and began meeting with members of the community. This is something they would have to do if they wanted to be accepted on this beautiful island.

Now what?

It is time to meet with Mahi Pono and continue our community outreach. We are not giving up by any means. We set out to create local food production with regenerative farming. We have been told that Mahi Pono wants to grow coffee and citrus for export.

What? Use this amazing land for export, when we need food security desperately?

Our first outreach goal is to bring our hero, Steve Apfelbaum, the founder of AES back to Maui to provide an educational series for Mahi Pono, the County Council and the public. We have an opportunity here with the value of work Aina First and other community organizations have done thus far. Our team is tight. We are meeting constantly and pooling our resources. We are praying constantly for guidance. And we are showing up each day the best we can. Are we having fun? I think, Yes, in a weird sort of way, but we often wonder……..perhaps we should have called Oprah.

More to come on my journey on Maui.

IMG_2101 (1).jpg



Yummy Ramen Recipe


This recipe was inspired by Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine - the winter edition.

When I saw this recipe I thought that Ramen might be a good thing to share with you. I have been buying this Lotus brand of Ramen for several months. Ramen is one of the most simple meals when you are not in the mood to cook much, and every now and then a gal needs noodles!


I keep mine in the freezer so that it stays fresh. Use whatever vegetables you might have on hand and whatever broth you might have. It is all good!


Boil the noodles for 4 minutes.

Strain and place the noodles into a bowl. Add warm broth, chopped veggies and whatever else your little heart desires.


In the picture I used some steamed spinach, left over pumpkin squash and chopped cabbage. Enjoy!

Check out the Edible Recipe HERE for more ideas.



Gluten Free (Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies


OK, I am going to brag - everyone says my chocolate chip cookies are the best. I have to believe it is because of the ingredients I use, which is specifically the unbleached spelt flour. They are delicious with the spelt but they are not gluten free, and some people must have gluten free. So, I set out to make a gluten free version following my same guidelines so that everyone can have this tasty treat. OMG! They are delicious, light and very flavorful and they are higher in protein because of the almond flour. Eat them as a snack or even for breakfast - and did I mention, they are so delicious!!!

1 cup rice flour
1 cup almond flower
1 cup coconut oil
1 cup coconut sugar
2 tsp double acting baking powder
2 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp flax meal
½ cup water
¾ cup chopped walnuts
¾ cup shredded (dried) coconut
¾ cup dark chocolate chips
½ tsp Celtic Sea Salt
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Add flax meal to ½ cup water and 2 tsp of vanilla, and let it sit while you combine the other ingredients.

Combine the rice, almond flour and baking powder together in a large bowl. Mix in the coconut sugar and coconut oil. Then mix in the flax and vanilla mixture. Mix well.

Fold in the shredded coconut, walnuts and chocolate chips.

Lastly add the salt.


Assemble cookies on parchment paper and bake at 350 for about 20 to 25 minutes. I like to bag my cookies and/or put them in a ball jar and freeze after they cool slightly. This keeps them very fresh.

Note: My famous cookies that are not gluten free are made the same way except with spelt flour instead of almond and rice (not the bleached spelt flour).




Fruit Salads - Yum!


Is it more fun to eat an apple while holding it, biting into it with ravished hunger? Or, is it more fun to eat an apple chopped up with other fruits? Well, for me it is a toss up. Sometimes it is just too much trouble to chop it up, yet when I do, I am so grateful. The reason is it feels so much more like a meal when I add other fruits, nuts, maybe some flax, chia or hemp seeds, a pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon. Yes!

I know this recipe may sound so easy, but I like to remind you that keeping your foods simple and putting an extra little prep into them will completely change the flavor dynamics. So grab the cutting board and a good knife and take that extra 5 minutes to throw what you have together. If you don’t like to chop get out the grater. It is an easy clean up and so worth the effort.
This particular salad looks a little skant if you ask me. But, it was a quickie, and actually more filling than you might imagine. If you will note in the photo I added a date cut into tiny pieces.

Secrets to making them satiating, delicious and juicy:

Being Satiated: The secret to having a fruit salad become a substantial breakfast or afternoon snack that will leave you feeling “fed” is in the nuts and seeds. Flax, chia and hemp are all filling. I would have sprinkled more of them on top but then the picture would not look very good.

Delicious: The secret to extra spark of flavor is the light sprinkle of Celtic Sea Salt, and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Juicy: The secret to making a fruit salad more juicy is in the grating. Grating an apple makes a sweet and juicy sauce for the salad.


Make extra and put it into a jar for an afternoon snack. It will become even more delicious over time.

If you interested in learning more about transformational dietary makeovers - I invite you to check out my course in making over your dietary life.



My 12 Favorite Things

The Holidays are rapidly approaching so I’ve put together a list of a few (or 12) of my favorite things! These are products and recipes that I love! They help me get through the Holiday season by nourishing my body and my soul. Check them out as ideas for Holiday gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!


These shoes are an absolute miracle! These are the only thing that solved my lower back pain, and luckily now they have so many cute options to pick from!

This is the kind of movie you can watch over and over - it makes me laugh, makes me cry and feel warm all over. Love this movie!

This recipe is not just for the holidays, it is delicious (and good for you) any time of the year!. Cranberries, purple cabbage, jalapeños, ginger and onions join together for a seriously sweet and spicy dish. This is very easy to make and you can learn all about it in my Cultured Veggies Course.

This is the #1 best condiment ever. Why? Because it is mineral rich and tastes the best. This is truly the best way to make every bite count. Use it the “A la Salt” way.

The best tasting and ONLY flax to use on use for instant sauces and dressings. Why? Because it is pressed and sent straight to you or the store. FRESH is best!

This is the recipe that started my cooking career! Ground Sesame Seeds and Barlean’s High Lignan Flax oil. OMG, you can’t believe how luscious this is. Learn how to make all your plant foods become luscious - the easy way.

This coconut oil is worth the effort and extra pennies. It helps to make the best tasting cookies, cakes, and coffee! I absolutely could not live without it! Learn how to make tasty treats with my raw cacao course.

The secret ingredient to the most decadent chocolate mousse and truffles. It is so sweet and yummy you could eat it by the spoonful. Try my Raw Cacao Course to learn how to make the most delicious treats.

Pasture-Raised and Grass-Fed Collagen Hydrolysate. This product makes my coffee and tea drinks creamy and builds my bones and ligaments strong! Mixes so easy and is affordable.

Mix it with coffee, Yerba Mate, or any black tea. OMG. Mix it with Barlean’s Coconut Oil and Great Lakes Gelatin for the most delicious hot drink - anytime of day.

I could not live without my VitaMix. Makes life in the kitchen fast and easy. This machine is so versatile and worth the expense as it will last a lifetime. You can make smoothies of all kinds, sauces and dressings, soups, creamy hot drinks, fruit sorbets, EVERYTHING. A bonus is that it is so easy to clean. Save money on raw foods and do it yourself with the VitaMix, the key to fast, healthy and affordable recipes.

This is my “must have” - a cool knife that works and that you can sharpen. Something about these knives that creates ease and flexibility, I just love them and they make an awesome gift.



Sweet Potato with A La Oil


This is a simple recipe that is perfect for when hunger comes out of no where. I like to always keep some sweet potatoes on hand and then make them extra delicious with my sesame tamari sauce. The sesame powder I add on top is that extra little crunch and a pop of protein. The best part is to make a larger batch and store the sesame powder in the fridge for later use. I love to add it on top of roasted veggies or even a fresh green salad.

Sesame Tamari Sauce Ingredients

½ cup      Barlean’s flax oil, and/or EVOO
¼ cup      tamari soy sauce (low sodium best) – or Celtic sea salt
½ cup      ground hulled sesame seeds – sesame powder
or if you do not like soy sauce, use Celtic Sea Salt – Grey Find Ground.


To make the delicious sesame powder, I put white hulled sesame seeds in coffee grinder or blender and grind into a powder.

Next I cook vegetables of my choice. This sauce is excellent on Swiss chard, cooked beets and carrots, yams and sweet potatoes, and all other veggies.

First sprinkle sesame seeds evenly on top of cooked vegetables. Pour the oil as evenly as possible over the top of the vegetables followed by the tamari.  Salt is best on the yams and sweet potatoes.

If you are using a leafy green such as chard, knead mixture into chard, slightly stirring sesame seeds, oil and tamari to form a sauce. And just like that you have a hearty lunch filled with good healthy fats!




Cranberry Cultured Vegetables with Purple Cabbage


This mixture really rocks. There is just the perfect amount of sweetness, heat and spice that makes it so tasty and with all these fabulous ingredients, it is very healthy too!

Prepare Cranberry Sauce Directions
1 12 oz package of organic cranberries
¾  cup water
1 cup coconut sugar or brown sugar
Zest of one orange rind

Combine all ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Turn down and simmer for about 10 minutes until cranberries are soft. Remove from heat and let cool before adding it to the cabbage (directions for mixture below).  

You can use a sugar substitute if you like, however the sugar in this recipe will add a wonderful flavor, and when the entire batch is done, there will not be much sugar in each serving. Also, the sugars will be transformed into friendly bacteria! If you do not culture the recipe or give it time for the fermentation process, you could consider the mixture a wonderful relish salad that is very tasty and great to any meal.

Directions for Vegetables
2 heads purple cabbage
4-5 onions
4 jalapenos (seeded)
3 in piece of ginger (graded)
Optional to add cilantro
Salt to taste (season on the saltier side because it fades after fermentation process)

Preparing Your Vegetables
Wash the outer layers of the cabbage and set aside to use for the canopy of the vegetables. Rough chop the cabbage and process in a food processor until it is about the size of a relish (not too small though).

Peel onions and process as well. Remove the seeds from the jalapenos and process. Peel and grate the ginger or process.


Instructions For Fermentation Process

  1. Combine all ingredients into one large bowl (glass or porcelain). Do not use stainless steel or plastic.

  2. Cover the mixture with the outer layers of the cabbage leaves - covering every morsel of veggie. Make sure the sides of the bowl above the canopy line are clean of any food particles. The canopy acts as a protectant.

  3. Then place a plate on top of the canopy, doing your best to find a plate the fits over most the canopy and mixture below.

  4. Place something that can act as a weight on top of the plate. A  rock works well (make sure it is clean - best to boil for 5 minutes if you are not sure), or a mason jar of water. The idea is to put some weight on the top of the plate so there is some pressure applied to the mixture below.

  5. Cover the entire bowl with weight with a clean towel and place in a cool (preferably dark) place. If it is covered then it will be dark inside.

Let the mixture sit for at least 3-4 days, but no more than 7.  It may start to bubble, which means it is fermenting, but just leave it alone. When it is time to harvest, remove all the materials on top of the mixture. Toss out the canopy cabbage leaves. Put mixture into jars and refrigerate. The jars will last in the fridge for months.

Take a jar to potlucks, or a friends for a holiday gift or just enjoy them on your own. Serve them with everything!!



Fried Banana Recipe


It was 9:00PM and I was starving. I had just returned home from the neighbors. We cracked open a bottle of wine, nibbled on some crackers and olives, and never had a full dinner. When we parted way they gave me a few bananas from their tree. Now, there is no where on Earth that I know of that grows bananas like we do in Hawaii, yet any ripe organic bananas will do for this recipe. Yes, this is what I had for dinner, and it was delicious and satisfying. It would be too filling for a dessert if following a meal, so its best on its own. Oh, and by the way, this is a completely legal meal from the Medical Medium. I know, the wine was not. So, I made up for it with this late dinner. Here is how simple it is:

2 ripe Bananas
1 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tbsp Maple syrup
Pinch of salt

Place the coconut oil and in skillet and warm it to medium high heat. While it is warming, slice the bananas in half from top to bottom.When the oil is hot place one side of the bananas in it and cook. The coconut oil should sizzle but not smoke.

Let them cook for about 3 to 5 min on each side (They will not get the golden brown color on them until you drizzle the maple syrup on top).

Once they are cooked on both sides, drizzle some of the maple syrup on them and turn them over. Turn them a couple times until the maple syrup begins to cook (try not to let it burn or smoke).

When they have that golden brown look, remove them from the heat and gentle drizzle a pinch of salt on top.

Accompany the meal with a fresh raw piece of fruit, or top with a dairy free yogurt of your choice.




How I Get Through These Grieving Times


In continuing with my theme of STRESS and Living As A Spiritual Practice, I set out to write a blog post about movement. But then horrific shootings and the California fires, among other things happening in the world took over me. How can I write about such simple things like movement when grief, shock, trauma and mourning was living within me? Along with the recent election many people are sad, angry, afraid, and feeling helpless, yet others are happy and celebrating. On so many levels our emotional bodies must deal with all of this.

We must all be feeling a range of emotions that might have to be cast aside so we can get through our days, and this could quite possibly cause our bodies and souls stress we don’t even acknowledge. For this reason I am moved to share an experience that I had years ago that is helping me to deal with my wild range of emotions. First let me introduce to you Matthew Fox, the man that taught me this practice.

Matthew Fox is an American priest and theologian. Formerly a member of the Dominican Order within the Roman Catholic Church, he became a member of the Episcopal Church following his expulsion from the order in 1993. Fox was an early and influential exponent of a movement that came to be known as Creation Spirituality. (Wikipedia)

I read many of Matthew’s books years ago, and then studied with him at a conference in Mexico. It was there I experienced his “Cosmic Mass” of which the principles of the ritual have lived on in me.

Below is a paragraph from Matthew Fox’s website about the Cosmic Mass. There you can also learn more about the value of this ritual. For now, I am going to share my take away from the Mass and how I integrate the concepts of it into my life as often as possible.

The Cosmic Mass:

Is this truly a Mass?

Of course it is.  If you deconstruct the Mass, taking it apart and looking for its constituent parts, you will find that the Mass follows the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality: The Via Positiva or celebration of existence (Thomas Aquinas says this is the first dimension to Worship: To say Thank You for Creation); the Via Negativa or sorrow for sins; the Via Creativa, the blessing of wine and bread as the food of the Cosmic Christ; and the Sending Off which is the Via Transformativa.

When I experienced the Mass we were in a very large conference room at a hotel in Acapulco. What follows is a brief description of my experience, best I can remember.

There were no chairs or tables in the room in this huge conference room. It was empty except for four large visual screens, one up in each corner of the room along with powerful speakers for the music. It was staged something like a rock concert. Mr. Fox gave a talk first to prepare us for the experience. Then the lights went down and we began. In the first stage of the Mass there was vibrant beautiful music of celebration. We all moved and danced wildly while we viewed a slide show in the four corners of the room. Beautiful pictures of life, children, and nature - all colorful beautiful visuals -  took us over as we moved with inspiration, gratitude and celebration.

After about fifteen minutes of dancing and celebrating the music stopped and the screens became black and dark. Mr. Fox took a moment of tenderness to recite a short reading and soon the screens were replaced with visuals of destruction, pollution, starvation, war, and death. The room became silent.

People were now sitting on the floor as we made the transition from dancing in celebration to sitting in the dark as we were given a space to cry and mourn. As I recall the experience, I am moved emotionally as it was so very special to sit among a hundred people or so and face the truth of our existence, to mourn together and allow ourselves to feel what we were certainly feeling on some level but had not really allowed it to surface.

Once the mourning and grieving space had cleansed our hearts and souls, we took some time to give blessings and prayers of apology. Then the atmosphere was shifted back to celebration. Beautiful visuals of possibility, peace, union, community, birth, renewal and a beautiful Earth filled our hearts with hope and love. We danced wildly again with a renewed spirit. We were transformed and made stronger for what is and what lies ahead.

The Mass took about one hour. We emerged internally transformed and wet from our physical cleanse, like we had just come out of a hot yoga class. Everyone was bright eyed, loving and lighter. We had met our feelings head on. We cried for what is happening to our brothers and sisters, the animals and the Earth. We now possessed renewed strength from our bond and a cleansed soul to move on. I remember Matthew saying that people are starved for ritual that feels real and deep to them.

To put it simply, here are the stages of the Mass in my terms:

  1. As a prayer we give thanks for this life, ignite the feeling of gratitude for who and what we are individually and together grateful for. It is a simple acknowledged heartfelt, “Thank you”.

  2. Then we face the sorrow that we feel for the destruction, grief (ours and others), anger, hatred, and fear for what might lie ahead. We allow our vulnerability and tenderness to surface, and to grieve with sadness and compassion.

  3. Lastly, we move from our grief and send off a prayer of blessings, and then more celebration for what we have, and the possibilities that lie ahead. We emerge cleansed and strengthened.

When I read the news about people going up in flames with their families and loved ones while trying to escape, I can’t help but hurt for them. I let myself really go there and feel how horrific this must be. The idea is to look at the destruction and horror right in the face, to feel it and allow yourself to honor the grief and move it through you.  Honoring the grief is a way of honoring life, because we are honoring the absence of what has died. I bring this up because so many of us, myself included at times, acknowledge how bad some things are, or must be, and then brush it aside or stuff it. Then we get on with our day, while not really going to the heart of our feelings and allowing them to surface.

When I was sick and in so much pain a few months back, I cleansed a lifetime of stuffed emotions, I had no idea were there. This made me realize that I had not really faced and felt many things in my life that deserved to be faced and felt. Now, when so called “negative emotions” arrive, I try to create a space to let them take center stage. I let myself feel the hurt or the fear, and then cast a prayer and look toward the light of a new day. Keeping a daily journal is a great way to process emotions. Tapping is another. Sometimes when I take a walk I merely express myself out loud (yes, I go by myself). Several years ago my singing teacher told us to sing our emotions as loud as we could - even if we are crying. If we needed privacy, which I surely did, she instructed us to get in our car….alone!  The idea was to sing emotionally what is true for us until it feels like it is over and/or is out of us. This is a very useful technique.

Meditation is effective to calm us and bring us back to center, but it does not always move the emotions that may need moving.

Since our world is offering us a lot to pray for, as well as a lot to celebrate, perhaps you can create your own ritual to process your emotions. It probably does not matter how you do it, the important thing to do is to make sure you pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Be with them fully and move them through to the other side.

Many medicate with alcohol, marijuana, opioids, sex, exercise, work or food...whatever. It is fun to change the channel of our consciousness sometimes, but let’s not let some of these recreational or habitual practices override what might be lurking deep inside of us. Otherwise they will surface someday, and most likely in a disease of some kind.

If you have a process that works for you, please share it. We are all learning how to live in this new and evolving world that none of us are prepared for. None of us have lived tomorrow yet, so let’s pay close attention to our feelings of today.

Happy ThanksGiving to all! I am so very grateful to have this space to share with you.

Aloha, Susan Teton