A Course on Aging Beautifully
6-Month Program

will you be a victim to aging? or Will you be active, playful, happy, and healthy?

Let’s get turned on to aging. Whether you are 40, 50 or 60. The clock will not stop, and we can’t turn it back.  As a matter of fact we want to keep the clock ticking, and direct the quality of our time while we are here. We have the power to steer it.

There is a new paradigm happening and we are learning how we can be a strong force of healthy parents, grandparents, and elders.

What may have worked for us in the past is no longer working. A new way is being birthed that promises something more grand than a statistic.

I am calling it, “Aging Beautifully.”

Aging beautifully means being in control of yourself, your diet, your attitude, your self-care, your life. It means knowing what is best for you, that you have a mindset that supports your dreams, and the stamina and vitality to fulfill them.

I find many people dreading aging because they are frightened that they will lose control of their vibrancy.  If you're scared and dreading about getting older, you're not the only one. Everywhere you look around, you hear disparaging messages about being older. It's as if the best days are behind us and the only thing we can look forward to (or not look forward to) is heart disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis, and you name it, more depressing stuff.

And this is for a good reason (or bad, one can say); unfortunately, in our western culture, we have embraced a paradigm that supports pharmaceutical drugs, fast-food, sedentary lifestyle, and a consumer culture—none of which supports healthy, productive, and purposeful lives. On the contrary, this model is contributing to illness, headaches, and heartaches.

Take my friend Bill for example. He's only 50 but he's suffering physically and emotionally. Bill is tall, nice looking, and fairly strong. His diet is horrendous by most people’s standards except his. He eats at fast food joints, McD's for breakfast and pizza at Costco for dinner. He munches on milk chocolate color coated candies at night filled with high fructose, and preservatives. He gets up in the am stiff and complaining of pain. One morning he blurted out, “Getting old sucks.”  Bill has lost weight due to his new job which requires more physical activity than he is used to, and he is looking pretty good, but he is feeling horrible. He is in chronic pain, tired, and often in an unmotivated depressed mood. The worst part about this is that he is not happy, though he has a wonderful marriage and family.

Bill is at a time in his life where he can no longer get away with his fast food lifestyle patterns. He is headed down a road of disaster.

It doesn't have to be this way! I'm here to emphatically tell you that there is another way!

Bill knows better, but he does not do better. I asked him why. His response was that he does not care. Simple as that.

Do you care?

I ask you this because I find that many people don’t care as long as they are getting away with bad habits, or at least they think they are. Many start the self care engine when it is too late. They are already poking needles with insulin in their body or on their way to a chemo treatment. Perhaps they are even losing their body parts. 

The time to act is now - no matter how old you are, and particularly if you are in your late 40’s or 50’s. But, it is never too late to bring about improvements.

Join me in a year long Mastermind to Reboot Recharge & Restore to build a body to last a lifetime.

There is a paradigm shift happening: this is the time when many of us are taking control of our future, making informed decisions and taking inspired action to Age Beautifully. 

We can get healthier! We can feel inspired and purposeful in our lives once again (or for the first time in our lives)! We have a choice. We can redefine what it means to age and ride on into our 70’s and beyond with vibrant health and ease, and the time to start is NOW.

My vision for you if you are still in the working world, is to kick some butt and fulfill your professional goals, make some money if that is what you want, or cruise along and save as you go. It does not matter. What matters is how you feel while you do it.

That you have enough vitality to dance your brains out, hike a vista with panoramic views, write a book, play with your children and grandchildren, travel the world, ride, swim, create, play, and explore during a long, healthy and happy life.

The more you act now, the better your entire life will be, and the more likely your olden years will be Golden.

As we move into our retirement years we will have enough vitality and motivation to be productive, add richness to our culture, and make a contribution to a more vibrant world for the next generations. We can build a legacy by utilizing the wisdom we earned.

How about you? If you are not living a healthy lifestyle, what is stopping you?

It is vital that you ask yourself this, then answer honestly and figure out what you need to do to reverse the situation. Because……….. You too, can start shifting from the old paradigm of aging to the new, where you're feeling great, on purpose, and full of vitality.

Let’s take a stand for Aging Beautifully.

The year long Mastermind is designed to help you set a new foundation for a healthy lifestyle practice—a practice that will give you the life to last a lifetime.

I want you to join me. Take a stand for yourself and your future, and enroll yourself in Aging Beautifully - Prepare Your Body To Last A Lifetime.

Here are a few of the areas where we will dive deep:

Aging with a Spiritual Heart

Here we will develop our alignment with our soul and how we can be of supreme service to ourselves and others. Let’s discover how you can begin to grow into your holy self, and keep a mindset that supports your authentic self.

Aging With Sharp Intuition

How to connect to your soul and inner guidance. This is the place that is all yours. This is the voice you must learn to trust. 

Aging With Nourishment

Celebrating My 72nd Birthday with a Group of Inspiring Women

Celebrating My 72nd Birthday with a Group of Inspiring Women

Here we will dispel confusion, while you allow your body to find the perfect diet for YOU. You will develop your intuitive skills, gain confidence, and land in struggle free nourishment - a diet that is perfect one for YOU.  We will cover what is vital and what is left up to personal choice. Finding what works for you and your lifestyle is where the struggle ends and the pleasure begins. Toss the word DIET out of you life and live diet free.

Aging With Superfoods

Discover what supplements and cleansing protocols work to keep our system thriving, ones that are gentle and integrated into your lifestyle practice to create a vibrant digestive system, beautiful skin and flexible joints. We will cover the latest in pain and mood enhancements including the various uses of CBD & Medical Cannabis.

Aging With A Healthy Spine & A Flat Belly

Keeping your spine straight and strong is the key to Aging Beautifully. No matter what your exercise preferences are, you will learn simple techniques to keep your spine strong and keep your belly flat. 

Aging In A Modern World

We will discover how to keep ourselves free from the ravages of radio frequencies, sun exposure, household and beauty products, and the challenges of travel.

Aging While Making Money

If you are an employee, entrepreneur, a teacher or an executive, chances are you want to do well, to excel and offer your unique talents to your chosen profession. You will go far if you have the best self-care practice possible. You career and life depend on it.

Aging Happily and Beautifully

When we are healthy, we are happy. When we are happy, we are beautiful. Beauty does not come out of a bottle, shot or pill, although some of these things can surely enhance our visual beauty.  Real beauty comes from within first. A man or woman that is confident and in control of their lifestyle, one that knows how to have a self-care practice and a spiritual heart, is the most beautiful person of all. This is our aspiration!

Shift now from the old paradigm of aging to the new one, where you're feeling great, on purpose, and full of beauty and vitality. Claim empowerment, freedom, and vibrant health.

Watermelon Birthday Cake for My 72nd!

Watermelon Birthday Cake for My 72nd!

Although this is a group program, you will receive individual guidance from me and your fellow mates in the program. We are stronger together, so together we shall unite and support each other.

Join me for this year long Mastermind. This is limited space for just 12 people for this Mastermind. The Mastermind begins September 25th. Call now, schedule a consultation to make sure it is the right for you. Susan@ChefTeton.com

This program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Have the vitality you need to “show up”

  • Look and feel your very best!

  • Gain control of your life

  • Feel alive and purposeful

  • Become happy and confident

What you get in this program:

  • 2 group coaching calls per month

  • Email support for questions and concern

  • Weekly lessons and course curricula

  • Facebook group to share with your Mastermind Group

  • The Complete Dietary Makeover “online” Course

  • 1 one-on-one coaching call with me per quarter.

****There will only be 12 in the Mastermind. I have priced it at a very low monthly rate of $297.00 per month. Call to schedule an appointment with me to see if this is the right Mastermind for you. Email me at: Susan@ChefTeton.com

Here is a couple of examples of my clients who have shifted from the old paradigm to the new, starting with their diet and mindset:

Patricia is 62. She went through chemo and radiation for ovarian cancer. Fortunately, she was able to resume her busy life after her cancer treatment, but within a year she needed major back surgery due to extreme pain and inflammation. After the back surgery and healing, she gained 15 lbs and needed to lose that weight in order to undergo another surgery, this time for hip replacement surgery for both hips. She came to me to lose the 15 lbs. We created a customized plan, kept adjusting her diet, got her swimming (which she loves and could do) and within 5 weeks she forgot to take her pain medication because she was out of pain. Whoa, we were so excited. Just by taking sugar and processed carbs out of her life, putting in high quality veggies, protein and fats, she alleviated most of her inflammation, dropped the weight and is on her way to surgery with new habits and a more assured prognosis for a successful surgery and recovery. What she valued most from her transition was the support from her mastermind group. There was a synergy created by working together.

Heather is in her mid 60's. She is quite beautiful, slim, and suffering only from lack of energy and digestive issues. When looking ahead, she was scared because she did not have a family to take care of her, and she still needed to earn a living. She was so tired all the time, and had digestive issues. She was not motivated to work. She had been a vegetarian most her life, and therefore thought her diet was good. But, after investigation, we discovered that she was eating a lot of empty foods in the form of grab and go meals, and fast snacks. We implemented more nourishing dietary habits, and revitalized her digestion. She hates exercising but loves dancing so we found her a dance class and that helped to enhance her energy, stamina and happiness. With new instructions, shopping ideas, and enhanced motivation, Heather began to fuel her body, which resulted in the increased energy and mental clarity she needed to show up for her job like she wanted.

These are just two examples of people who are taking a stand for Aging Beautifully. Will you take a stand for Aging Beautifully?