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My coaching offers a focus on 4 vital aspects of life - the combination of food, mind, movement, and spirit. This life is a gift and your body is the vessel that allows you to experience all the pleasures of life and to realize your dreams, fulfill your calling and grow into your highest self. A body out of balance, however, keeps you dull and unable to tune into your higher self. Addictions, cravings, doubts, sedentary lifestyle, and distorted thinking, all contribute to the roots of disease. When the body and mind are out of alignment so is the soul. My own relentless pursuit for a healthy body, mind and soul has brought me here to help coach and support you through these my online courses and private coaching.


Current Specials by Chef Teton

Ongoing 40 Day Dietary Makeover Challenge - A Group Coaching


I will guide you through the Raw, Cooked & Cultured Course through out the span of 40 days. You will choose the area in which you want to take on your own personal 40 Day Challenge. You will make a commitment for that period of time to put into practice one, two or more changes you want to make. Sticking to them over this period of time with support will be the key to your success.

Included in the 40 Day Challenge is:

  1. The Raw, Cooked & Cultured Course. We will walk through it together and you can use it as a guide to learn new skills and recipes that can provide extra nourishment and ease in your daily life - no matter what diet you are practicing.

  2. Audio recordings about food, diet and other healthy lifestyle tips. In each audio instruction, I cover practices that will go beyond diet and into a spiritual foundation that will support you including skills for mind mastery.

  3. A live Q&A  (recorded for later listening). Each week we will get on the phone together so that you can ask questions. In addition we will join together in a private FB page so that you can support each other.

  4. Digital version of Chef Teton’s book Eating As A Spiritual Practice

Private Individualized Coaching For Your Special Needs

What is best for you? My online courses where you can watch and learn on your own, or The 40 Day Challenge group course, or private individualized coaching? Please contact me for a no-obligation 15-minute complimentary health, wellness, and nutrition coaching session by phone, or in person (on Maui) - to find out what is right for you.