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Essential Cuisine helps you realize how eating and living well are a spiritual practice. Our interconnection is clear in these reciprocal relationships that begin with food:

  • When you eat well, you live well.

  • When you are healthy and well, you can serve others.

  • When you make good food choices (from farm not factory), you are making good choices that affect the health of our planet and the earth’s living systems.

  • When you truly love yourself, you can love others.


In our practice together, I will listen deeply and gently guide you with techniques I’ve learned along my vibrant path of spiritual awakening and personal development. Come join me. 

This is your opportunity to experience pleasure instead of deprivation, feel complete instead of full, and satisfied instead of wanting. A lifestyle that embraces a deep and respectful relationship with all life on Earth offers simplicity, ease, vitality and fulfillment. 

Although much of my work is focused on food, I’ll share with you the lifestyle practices that challenged me and ultimately brought me to a place of blissful living or at least blissful living most of the time. My intention is to serve and inspire you to awaken to deep and meaningful stewardship of your life – just as I have done in my own life. I promise you will learn and become inspired to take the action you desire and most likely need, whether you realize it now or not.

Please contact me for a no-obligation 30 to 60-minute complimentary health, wellness, and nutrition coaching session by phone, by Skype or in person (on Maui).