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Are You Going Along?

Do you just "go along," or do you take a stand and follow your own guidance and protocol for choosing the right food choices and self care for you? If I was to inspire one thing for you, it would be for you to discover where you "go along" and where you keep in your power and stay on purpose with your own goals.

Watch my FB live video (it is not long), where I talk about the story in my book when I discovered I was often being "go along" Susie. I still find myself "going along," but am getting better and better at standing firm in my well being.

In the FB live I also offer a tip for how to make your own hemp milk, and why it is the easy and preferred way to get vitally needed nourishment from nuts and seeds. Although convenient, those packaged milks offer little or no value beyond calories and filling you up. There is also a link for my video on how to make nut milks. 

You can check out the FB Live Videos HERE or you can watch it below on YouTube.


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