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Easy Healthy Cranberry Smoothie

Chef Teton Cranberry Smoothie

Many of the traditional smoothie recipes don’t cut it for me (kale and bananas?), and I could never start the day with one, but that is just me. Since I love to “make every bite count”, I am always looking for ways to bump up the power of the ingredients or find ways to eat things I would not normally.

This brings me to cranberries - I want to eat them more than twice a year. Even though they are a powerful food, when they are raw they are so sour that they would often ruin my smoothie. Luckily, ever since reading Medical Medium (MM) by Anthony William, I learned the value of dates for a snack and/ or sweetening foods. I have always loved Medjool dates and they are not only a natural sweetener for my smoothies but they add a delicious creamy texture and flavoring.

I buy the the cranberries frozen and include them in my smoothie, and love the freedom of tossing in dates to sweeten my entire life!

Simple Delicious Cranberry Smoothie Recipe:

1 c water
½ frozen banana
¼ c cherries
¼ c blueberries
¼ c cranberries
2 dates
Sprig of fresh mint
A pinch of salt
Lime is also very good in this smoothie. Be creative.

Whenever I have a little left over fruit, I throw it in the “leftover fruit” container in the freezer for future smoothies.

Making Every Bite Count, Chef Teton


Chef Teton Cranberry Smoothie