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‘Imi ola


‘Imi ola: the Hawaiian word that awakened me how to express the true meaning for Aging Beautifully. I am totally in love with this word.  

If you are any kind of seeker in truth, growth and a beautiful life, you may love this word as much as I do. Actually, ‘Imi ola is a value. Taking this value on as a practice is to encourage fulfilling a destiny of achieving the highest form of life - well being. What a beautiful goal.

Many of us are just trying to get by, or some of us have big goals of making a good living, being healthy and living in supportive communities. Many need a purpose, something of value and meaning to drive us. What if our innermost primary goal was to take on the value of ‘Imi ola and seek the highest form of life and well being as our destiny? Would this be enough to satisfy us? Could our purpose be first and foremost to steward ourselves continually so that we could be a vessel of well being to ourselves, families, communities, and the world?

If we took on that value as a practice with our eyes on the prize, imagine how wonderful it would be to be living in an old body having achieved the highest form of life - well being. Doesn't this just give you the coolest vision?

It did for me. This is such a better vision than one with fear and loathing over getting old. I think I am going to call it “Aging Beautifully”. There is nothing more beautiful than an older person who is healthy with a twinkle in their eye. The Dali Lama is a good example as are many of the Centenarians. When we stand on a mountain top and view the Earth in all its majesty, “beautiful”, is the word that many say. A healthy Earth, and healthy humans are all beautiful. This is what we want to achieve.

sunrise-2379270_1920 (1).jpg

In an effort to express how much this means to me, I created a video over a year ago that I want you to watch. I believe it will give you a new perspective on aging, and perhaps awaken in you a new vision for your life’s purpose. It did mine.

I am launching an upcoming course called: ‘Imi ola - The Path to Aging Beautifully. You will be hearing a lot more about it as I adopt this theme going forward and share everything I can think of that has helped me to and others I know to Age Beautifully.  

Check out the video HERE where I give my best explanation for ‘Imi ola, and see if it turns you on like it did me.

Have a question? Need some help? I am happy to offer 15 minute free consultation. Please sign up here for an appointment. It is always helpful to me as well as I hope it is for you, so please do sign up.  

Also, I am opening up a few spots for private coaching again. Stay tuned for my new course coming soon called “Aging Beautifully - a Lifestyle and Dietary Makeover” . This will be a 8 week course you will not want to miss.

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How to Achieve Perfect Health - Bentinho Massaro

Hello everyone! Here is what is alive in me today and most recently. Many of you may know that I have been on a relentless pursuit to get in touch with my stinking thinking, and old beliefs that may be hidden from my immediate operating system. I learned years ago with The Work of Byron Katie, that believing my thoughts created a story that was not necessarily the "truth". From there I attended four Avatar courses, ending with the two week Wizards course. I didn't share this to brag (not that is it brag worthy). I share this to express that for some of us, like me, it is really hard to shake some of the old beliefs and the patterns that molded me over all these years. Every time I find myself upset about "anything", I begin to look deeper.

In the last few months, working with a counselor who specializes in the Course In Miracles, I have found what we call "eggs", that are very old believes that formed an adaptive behavior that I have been practicing for years. Some are so ingrained in me that I did not even notice them until I looked back over years of acting out patterns. The key is to find the originating circumstance that inspired a belief about myself that was not true at all. This is what we call "cracking an egg". From the belief I found I was able to subsequently discover the adaptive behavior I created to either get something or avoid something. This behavior is masqueraded by"just the way I am". Dang!

For instance, I personally don't always act on my own behalf, often finding myself in retrospect that I worked my butt off for someone or something just to help, please or get praise. I found I do this to feel powerful. This seems so trivial to share, but long ago when I was a little girl I got spanked by my Dad. I was probably only two years old. I remember he sat on me and gave me a couple of waps on the butt. I was not physically hurt because he did not hit hard. But he pinned me down. Of course I was a very good little girl, as my Mother reports, so I was completely confused, and felt powerless with this huge person pinning me down. Years later when anyone tried to pin me down or tickle me playfully, I would go insane and almost kill them.  That was easy to notice where it came from, but, the powerlessness was not. It took me years to find that that one little incident created an adaptive behavior to avoid:  not rocking the boat, being a good girl, not getting in trouble. This was the operating system that got me a lot of praises, while I blindly ignored acting in my own best interest just to avoid confrontation. OK, this may be really boring to you, but I thought I should provide some sort of example, even though many of you already know what I am talking about, and have done a lot of inner work.

Then Bentinho Massaro came along, referred by my counselor. This young man is inspiring and teaching generations of people all over the world. He explains "awakening" in a way that I find to be much more powerful than many of our older and current teachers. He is another voice that is trendy, timely and speaks a language that I, and many others I know, can relate to. While his information is right on, many of us still have to "crack some eggs" so that we can free ourselves from old beliefs, and enhance our energetic vibration. If we don't "crack the eggs", we may only be pretending as we effort to enhance our energetic vibration, and become truly happy and fearless in every moment.

So, give him a test drive. I am attaching the lecture about "How To Achieve Perfect Health". In my attempt to let go of all my beliefs about diets, this lecture freed me up a bit, and had me looking even closer at what might still be haunting me. Even though I will always practice a diet that is aligned with the health of Earth's living systems, there are aspects of the confusion about which diet is best, that I am dropping.

There is one more thing I want to say about Bentinho. Since he is young, and speaks a trendy language, he may be a good person to refer to those who will never hear a word you say. You know, like your spouse or kids.

You will find many lectures by him on You Tube, and on his website that bears his name. After you take a ride with him, let me know what you think.

If you want to work with me on how to find some of those beliefs that might be driving you crazy, need to loose weight, get off medications, or just get vibrantly health,  let me know. I would be thrilled to offer you a 30 minute complimentary, no obligation consultation. the best way to schedule a consultation is for you to message me on FB or text or call me on my personal cell phone number: 808-250-1535. Give me a call and let's "crack some eggs". Let's chat about my favorite subject besides good food!

Aloha, Teton