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Broccoli with Simple Toppings

Why broccoli? This delicious sulfur rich vegetable contains abundant mineral elements needed for hundreds of physiological processes to inspire a vibrant body. Here are just a few reasons to put sulfur rich foods in your diet:

1. Sulfur is required for the synthesis of Glutathione, one of our primary endogenous antioxidants. Glutathione, simply put, is your body’s master antioxidant. Existing in every cell of your body, Glutathione is produced within each cell to cleanse and protect your body at the cellular level by detoxifying, removing heavy metals, and fighting free radicals.

2. Sulfur provides strength and resiliency to hair and nails. Sulfur has been known as the "beauty mineral" because it helps the complexion and skin stay clear and youthful.

3. Sulfur is required to synthesize taurine. Taurine is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system, strong muscles, and the central nervous system.

So let’s eat more sulphur rich vegetables and that means BROCCOLI!

There are many ways to make broccoli, cooked and raw. I personally like it better cooked. But, if you are a dedicated raw foodie, or just a lover of raw broccoli, you might find that it is sometimes wonderful to marinate it over night first. Here are a few ideas to start putting this wonderful sulphur rich food into your diet more often with a simple variety.

Raw Marinade

3 cups finely chopped broccoli

1 tbsp olive or Barlean's flaxseed oil

1 lemon or lime juiced

1-2 tsp Nama Shoyu or dash of Celtic sea salt.

Toss the broccoli with the sauce until it is well coated. Cover and let marinate overnight in the refrigerator. The marinade ingredients help to “cold cook” the broccoli, which tames down some of the raw flavor.

The next day, drain out the marinade (can be saved for salad dressings or sauces).

 Add this broccoli to any salad or fine chop for a chopped veggie salad. Add pine nuts, nutritional yeast, more olive oil and of course, salt!

 Cooked Broccoli

 Cut broccoli onto the desired size for serving. Place is a saucepan in a small amount of water and boil/steam or slow cook on a low heat. When it is tender, the way you love it, remove from the pan and place in a serving dish. Top with one of the following toppings.

Topping Options:

 Pumpkin Seed powders are delicious on any steamed or boiled vegetable. Simply grind dry seeds in a coffee grinder to produce a fluffy powder.

Sprinkle one of the seed powders lavishly on the Broccoli. Top with Barlean’s Flax Oil and Tamari or Celtic Sea Salt.


Olive Oil is fabulous on broccoli. Add some pine nuts for an instant dish full of crunch and flavor. Just drizzle on top with a yummy salt.

Flax is also fabulous if you use Barlean’s High Lignan Oil. The flax pairs beautifully with Tamari.

Butter and Ghee (from Pasture grazed animals) are always delicious on vegetables and the veggies are said to be healthier when mixed with a good source of saturated fat. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and you will think you are in a 5 star dining room.

Remember to keep it simple, fresh and organic. It will always be delicious! Learn how to revolutionize your life with the new “4-Week Dietary Makeover”, an online course that delivers a dynamic approach for a dietary lifestyle like the Centenarians.  I promise this course will awaken and inspire you with a diet delicious enough to last a lifetime.

At age 67, I finally found the right combination of Raw, Cooked, and Cultured Foods. Join me as we journey ahead with strength, vitality and fun.

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