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A Beauty Formula That Starts in the Gut


A Beauty Formula That Starts in the Gut

celery juice

Recently a doctor on Maui contacted me after reading some of my newsletters. She thought we might work well together. Off I went to visit her, and before I knew it she was looking at me through a biofeedback machine. She then instructed me to make a 16oz fresh celery juice every morning and drink it first thing. 

To be honest, my first reaction in my head was, “Get out the juicer every day, every morning, oh geez.”

Don’t get me wrong, I liked making and drinking fresh juices, which comes with so many health benefits, but the thought of doing it every morning was a bit daunting.

But of course, I was committed to my health and well-being, and I knew that this would be good for me, especially for the eczema that popped up on my skin after the parasite ordeal I had recently. So upon instructions from my doctor, I promptly started my celery juicing ritual every morning.

I’m so glad that I did! I am now juicing more, digesting more, and eliminating more. The last little bit of eczema I had on my hands has fled and I am loving the lightness I feel. I also have spread the word to some of my friends, clients, and now you. Everyone is experiencing great results.


The deal is, celery juice is full of Hydrochloric Acid, and when consumed in the morning, it will strengthen your digestion for everything you eat, and in time, the minerals and mineral salts will help to restore your own stomach's HCL.

The thing is, as we age, our ability to create Hydrochloric Acid diminishes. (Have you noticed that you digestion is not the same as it was when you were in your teens or 20’s?) So drinking fresh celery juice every morning will greatly aid in creating HCL.

Why do we need HCL? HCL is our body’s #1 defense against disease-causing viruses, pathogens, and parasites. Number 1? Wow. Without it, our bodies cannot properly absorb minerals (selenium and zinc), which are vital for our immune system! And finally, without HCL, our food can just sit there in our gut, putrefying, creating a toxic ammonia gas that floats into our bloodstream and makes us tired and/or chronically ill. Yikes.

You might be thinking like I did, it’s too much work to juice every morning. Here are a few of things I want to say:

It’s totally worth it! Your skin will be glowing and digestion flowing. (Beauty starts in the gut!)

If it’s too much to do it every day, you can use juicing as a periodic boost.

You can do it regularly but less frequently.

Since “seeing is believing” as they say, I want to challenge you to go on a 2-week celery juice cleanse, just so you can see the amazing benefits of juicing for yourself. Write back (just hit reply to this email) and tell me how it is going. Do you notice any difference in your digestion, your flow?

Here are the simple instructions for the celery juice challenge:


Get out the juicer. Wash celery and make a 16oz celery juice (14oz works too) and drink it every morning. This takes almost a whole head of celery so be ready. (I have noticed that I can get three servings out of two heads of celery.)

*A note about HCL. You might be wondering why you can’t just take the supplement for HCL instead of juicing. I noticed for myself and others that the concentrated form of HCL in a pill is often too acidic for my stomach. This means I am taking too much. Because of the sensitivity of the HCL the nutrient cannot come in a huge burst. Getting your HCL from food is much more effective and your body will figure out how much to use. When drinking the celery juice you are also getting all the minerals and natural salts. So good for you!!

Now that you have the juicer out, you might want to make a refreshing juice for the afternoon.

My favorite juice combo is: carrot, ginger, apple, beets, parsley, cucumber, and lemon. You don’t have to use all of the ingredients though. You can play around and tweak as you like.  The point here is to make the juice. I mean the juicer is already out and needs cleaning. You might as well get your time, money and nutrients worth out of the procedure.

Here is what you do:

Have celery, carrots, apples, ginger, cucumber, and whatever else you are using, all cleaned and prepped.

While I am enjoying my celery juice I am cutting the veggies and juicing the next round.


When another juice is made, put it in a canning jar with a tight lid and refrigerate it for your afternoon treat. If you are going to be out for the day take it with you. You will so love having this fresh juice in the afternoon.

Wash the juicer. I really like my new Breville Juice Fountain. I love that it is fast and easy to clean. It also has this cool receptive container that has measurements on it so you can see how much you are making. It is very efficient. 

Supporting my system with juicing and other wellness routines are what keep me going strong at 72, but even more is that there is so much pleasure to be had in a fresh juice!

If you want to learn more about how to support your beautiful body so that you Age Beautifully, let’s set up a time to chat. Click HERE to schedule.