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Coco Berry Chia Pudding

Just recently I discovered Chia seeds and how to use them. I know they have been the rave for some time, but I sampled what a friend made a few times and really didn’t like them very much, so I believed that I did not like Chia seeds. Well, I finally made my own and now I am on a roll.

Seriously, using them is so simple and the truth is that food made with them is so fulfilling. I am in love with the exploration.  This recipe takes about 5 minutes at most and keeps in the fridge for several days to grab anytime I feel like it.


Coco Berry Chia Pudding

Coco Berry Chia Pudding



2 tbsp        coconut crème concentrate

1 ½ cups    water (or use coconut milk instead – see below)

1 tbsp        sugar, honey or sugar substitute

½ cup        assorted berries (frozen will do fine)

¼ cup        chia seeds


Place all the ingredients with exception of the chia seeds in the blender. You can hold out the berries and add them whole, if you like, after all the other ingredients are blended.

Add the chia seeds and blend gently - just breaking them apart.

Pour mixture into one large bowl or individual bowls and refrigerate for a few hours until firm. Depending on how much the chia seeds were blended, the mixture may need a stir now and then.

Note: If you are using coconut milk instead of coconut concentrate, replace milk with water.

Optional Ingredients:

Colostrum Powder

Lime Juice



Fresh fruits of all kinds!