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Cultured Veggies & Kefir from Coconut Milk & Hemp Milk

Yeah for our Dietary Makeover students!! Today one of my students dropped by a coconut kefir and her cultured veggies. Oh my, they were so good. On the left is a picture! Now, here is what is extra cool. She used fresh coconut milk, which means she combined coconut water with coconut meat. She also let it ferment for 3 days, which is more time than I would have allowed. So, it is extra tart, but just delicious. Her veggies are red from the red cabbage. They are salty with a nice bite to them. In other words they have some heat. What amazed me is that they tasted great together.


Here is another student's (who lives on the mainland) picture of her coconut kefir made from pre-packed coconut milk. Here is what she says about how she made it:

"I made coconut milk kefir! This was my first try so consider this an experiment - Ingredients: So Delicious Coconut Milk (regular, contains 6g sugars per cup, source is organic dried cane syrup)and Yogourmet brand kefir starter - just followed package directions which were exactly as on the Chef Teton DVD. I blended with fresh, orgainic, locally-grown strawberries for delicious milkshake. Taste is excellent- like the coco milk with a tang to it. I was just a bit surprised that it wasn't thicker. When I have purchased prepared kefir in the past, it was creamier and thicker. Maybe I should have allowed more than 24 hours before refrigerating?" (Chef Teton, "I think that 18 to 24 hours is fine, depending on the temperature)

Here is my Kefir made from the following ingredients:

1/3 cup hemp seed granules

2 tbsp organic raw honey

1 quart of water

Blended ingredients into a milk, then added 1 package of kefir starter from Wilderness Family Naturals.

I let it sit for approximately 20 hours. You can see in the picture how the milk separated. Once I blended it, it stayed blended and tasted quite good. I am enjoying it as a light beverage in the morning or afternoon, or as a milk in a bowl of: chopped apple, banana, flax meal, coconut flakes and raisins. Yummmmmmmm.


Here you can see the hemp milk all blended up. This has been a lot of fun, and it is just beginning.

Learn how to make Kefir and Cultured Veggies on my DVD "Cultured Veggies and Kefir Kitchen".

Happy Culturing!