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Hemp Coconut Supreme


Hemp Coconut Supreme

OK, so I am not the best photographer. But, I make up for it by making food that is easy and nourishing and tastes good.

My method is often just finding the best products that can be turned into quick and easy meals. Coconut Butter is a must to have in your pantry. If you have not tried it, let me tell you a few things you will want to know about it, and then give you some ideas on how to enjoy it.

1. It is made up of sun dried coconut ground up into a butter. Simple. Just like peanut butter or almond butter.

2. You do not need to refrigerate it after opening, but you must be careful not to contaminate it with any food particles. If you do refrigerate it, it gets as hard as a rock and is not as easy to use.

3. When you first open it, the oils might have separated from the meat, like many nut butters do after sitting for a period of time. Just stir it up with a butter knife or spoon and blend until creamy.

4. Now for the good part. Try eating one teaspoon of this rich yummy on it's own. Amazing, right? For many this is a quick fix for a satiating sweet fatty dessert or bite to give them extra energy or just a thrill.  It works great for anyone wanting to get off sugar as it can substitute for sweet and creamy and is so very satisfying. I dare anyone to eat more than two teaspoons at a time, although you may want to. Take it slow and savor it. 

5. Uses may include spreading on it toast, adding to smoothies or adding some water to make a creamy sauce. I use this ingredient in my cocoa truffles. It is what sets them apart from others. Yum. You can also blend some with water for a sweet sauce over your fruit.

6. In the recipe above, I blended about a cup + of water to a heaping tbsp of coconut butter. I added about 1/4 cup of Hemp Hearts and a a tablespoon of flax meal. The result is a thick and creamy sauce. I pour it over my papaya (shown here with a sliced banana and cinnamon) for pure enjoyment and nourishment. Refrigerate the remaining for the next day or later in the afternoon. Play with these ingredients as they can be turned into a variety of beverages and sauces.

7. The Hemp Hearts can be used alone to make a quick hemp milk for smoothies or just a refreshing drink.

8. The flax seeds can also be used to sprinkle on top of the fruit salad. Remember they create a thickening to whatever liquid you add them to, so be prepared if you store some for a time, because it will be much thicker after it has sat for awhile. This is why I often just sprinkle them on just before I eat my meal.


Try it out, tell me how you like it. What amazing concoction did you come up with?





Coconut Chutney - For All Holiday Dinners

Coconut Chutney  (video clip for making Coconut Chutney) Above is the link for a video clip for how to make Coconut Chutney from my new DVD series on Healing Foods. You will love this simple dish that combines raw and cooked foods, healing herbs and coconut oil to make a delicious condiment addition to any holiday meal. Whether you are a raw food vegan or Turkey lover, this digestive dish will go with all. It is simple, oh so tasty and healthy!


Recipe for Coconut Chutney


1/2 jalapeno pepper

1 inch fresh ginger diced

2 cups fresh or dried coconut

1 cup water or enough to make thick slurry

1 tbsp Ghee or coconut oil

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp black mustard seeds

4 curry leaves

pinch of hing

salt to taste

fresh lime


Blend jalapeno, ginger, coconut meat and water in a blender or Vita Mix. Let sit while you cook the following:

In a hot skillet add the Ghee or coconut oil. When the Ghee or coconut oil is hot in the skillet, add the herbs, curry leaves, hing and salt. Cook them long enough to let them sizzle and pop. Do not let the oils burn. When the ingredients have infused sufficiently remove from the heat and add the entire mixture to the coconut slurry in the Vita Mix. Blend until creamy but still lumpy. Top with fresh lime juice.

Serve on anything and everything for an exciting taste explosion!