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Almond Yogurt With Fruit - OMG!

Local Fruit with Mac Nut Yogurt

The dairy free yogurts are getting yummy. I love the almond yogurt and the coconut yogurt available now in most natural food stores. The biggest challenge is to find them "PLAIN" with no sugar added. What works for me is to use my own sweetener if needed at all. The best I have found so far is the "Coconut Nectar" Amber by Big Tree Farms. One teaspoon on anything and you can transform an already awesome dish. 

Shown Here:

Almond Yogurt

Strawberries, blueberries, banana and lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

1 tsp Coconut Nectar

This awesome dish is so rich, delicious and satiating! I am going to make my own Mac Nut yogurt since it is local. Then everything but the blue berries will be local. Stay tuned!!



Fermenting Class - Cultured Veggies, Coconut Kefir & Ogi

Let's Get Cultured!  Chef Teton’s Fermentation Class -  Sept 22nd – 11 to 5 Waiehu Beach

Come learn how to make easy and affordable foods brimming with probiotic bacteria. The foods we will make are staples where people live to be a healthy 100 years old. Enhance your digestion, and enhance your life!

Together we will make these powerful foods!


1. Culture/Ferment Vegetables (think Sauerkraut)

2. Ferment fresh Coconut milk into Kefir

3. Ferment fresh Coconut meat into yogurt pudding

4. Ferment Beet for Beet Kvass (delicious probiotic beverage)

5. Make Ogi, fermented millet grain (a staple of Africa, delicious for cereal) porridge.


We will eat like Royalty with a Raw Lunch, and everyone will go home with a jar of Beet Kvass and their own Cultured Veggies!

 Cost: $87.50 plus $15.00 for food

 Space is limited. Call now for reservation. Payment in full needed to hold your space. All credit cards accepted.

Learn more on this video clip of my DVD on Cultured Foods!

Call: 808-250-1535 to reserve your spot!






Beet Kvass-Fermented Beets & Cultured Foods

It seems there is no end to creativity when making fermented foods. Beet Kvass is my absolute new favorite, so delicious, refreshing and powerful. Yum Yum Yum. On Maui and most places where fresh produce is abundant, so are beets. I have found conflicting ways to make it, but all usually turn out to be good. It is also easy to make, the hardest part being to peel and cut the beets. And, it is so economical for such a powerful blood cleanser and probiotic beverage. If you want to make a smaller amount cut the below ingredients in half and use a 1/2 gallon jar. I say go for a gallon.


3 large beets - peeled and cut into small 1/2 inch pieces

2 tsp salt

1/2 cup whey, or cultured veggie juice, or kefir starter to activate the probiotic action

1 wide mouth gallon jar preferably with a plastic lid


Wash, peel and cut the beets into 1/2 pieces. Place at the bottom of the gallon jar. Put in the whey or cultured veggie juice,  salt and fill with fresh filtered or spring water. If you are going to use a Kefir Culture Starter then I recommend whisking it in a cup or so of water before you add it to the rest of the mixture insuring that it is blended thoroughly. Cover and let sit in a dark place for one week.

When you harvest it seven days later pour liquid, which should be dark red now, through a strainer and store in glass jars to enjoy. Refrigerate.  Keep the beets in the gallon jar and fill again with water adding about 1/2 cup of the fermented beet juice to the water. Cover and place in dark space for another week. Now you will have another batch in a week. You can do this one more time. Then the beets can either be discarded or eaten. I go for eating. Eat them raw just as they are, in a salad or roast them.

You will need to start over with fresh beets after you have made 3 rounds. You can also add some ginger or other herbs for flavoring if you like. Yum!





Powerful Cultured Veggies-A TED Talk on Bacteria

Want to learn more about bacteria? Get ready for a ride with this TED talk with Bonnie Bassler. Listen carefully and you will come to realize just how important good bacteria are to put in your body. It is all about out-numbering the bad guys. Profound TED talk. Listen up. Listen twice, maybe three times. See this "living" sauerkraut, or cultured veggies so alive that it is moving and ooozzzing out of the jar. This is one way to feed your gut some good guys! It is affordable and tastes good too. Learn how on my DVD "Cultured Veggies & Kefir Kitchen".