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Sesame Seeds, Sacred Clay & Kefir

Good morning Susan,

I purchased your online series as a supplement to the DVDs which I already have and I have some comments, suggestions, questions. I have progressed a lot with my diet since I bought your DVD's which I watched but wasn't ready to embrace at the time so I am going through your online course with joy and appreciation.

My internet connection is painfully slow so its hard to watch the videos online. Please can you let me know if they are identical to the DVD's or if there is any added material and if so what. I hadn't thought to grind the sesame seeds that is a great idea - how long can I store them for before the oils go off or they oxidize? Can you get raw milk on Maui? I have heard that it is very expensive. I bloat if I make Kefir with milk and what you said about the enzymes in raw milk to help digestion makes sense. I would like to try that. I manage by combining milk with cream to make kefir but it really makes me put on weight. Maybe I don't digest fat too well. A great tip I got from Jack La Lanne is to rinse a thermos flask out so that it is wet inside and put it in the freezer overnight. Use it the next day to put your vegie juice in and it will keep fresh much longer. Some recipes call for juicing herbs but they just slip through the juicer when I do it so I have given up. do you have any suggestions.? I am working on supplementing my diet with herb teas for calcium, iron etc and using a dandelion chai instead of coffee which I like a little too much. Playing with teas is fun and a good way to keep hydrated when water isn't appealing. I am also experimenting with tips that I get passed onto me from David Wolfe who is such an innovator. One of them is using clay in various forms to absorb the toxins in our system because it attracts the positively charged irons in toxins. If you are interested I can forward you the emails with the information.

You are an inspiration, I wish I could come to your Saturday workshop but I am working. Thank you so much. I love your lightness and joy. Aloha, Rosy.

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