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Best Carrot Cake Ever



My 70th Birthday had another round of carrot cake, brought back by popular demand. Well, actually we begged for it. The only difference in the recipe below and the carrot cake we all love is the flour. My friend makes it for me with fresh Einkorn flour. This makes for a wonderfully rich and hearty cake. You can use less sugar as well and it will still be delicious. There was enough left over that I cut it into small pieces and froze it in a place no one would find. All for me. Well, it is my 70th after all.

This is my nephew, Landon, who is showing off his version of the Radical Carrot Cake. Yum!

Radical Carrot Cake

2 cups         Sugar

1 ¼             Coconut Oil

3                Eggs

2 tsp           Vanilla

2 ¼             Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

2 tsp           Cinnamon

¼ tsp          Nutmeg

2 tsp           Baking Soda

½ tsp          Salt


2 cups         Grated Carrots

1 cup          Chopped Walnuts

8 oz can      Crushed Pineapple (optional)


Blend dry ingredients. The blend wet ingredients. Blend together until smooth. Add carrots and walnuts and other optional fruits.


Pour batter into baking or muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.



12 oz                   Cream Cheese

¼  cup        Milk

4 cups         Powdered Sugar

1 tsp           Vanilla


Blend all ingredients until creamy smooth. Spread over cooled cake.

Gluten Free Carrol Cake

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Plantains - The Healthy Dessert Recipe

Plantains “a la” Coconut Butter These are the beautiful starchy, sweet fruits similar to bananas. They are wonderful sautéed or baked in coconut oil, Ghee, butter and/or with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Bananas Foster is the popular dish you may have heard of for Plantains. There are many other ways to make them that may be even more healthy and tastier too.

Peel and slice plantains. Depending on how much you are making, melt one or equal parts of both; coconut oil and butter, in a sauce pan. Add spices if using them. Pour liquid over plantains and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.



Add walnuts, pecans or any other nuts you might like.


Add brown sugar, maple syrup, honey or any other sweetener if desired.

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