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Have A Date With Your Future & Become Fully Engaged & Inspirited!



My friend and colleague, Elaine Wilkes, Hay House Author of Natures Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight called me one day to offer me a “A Date With Your Future” session. I was reluctant because Elaine is always coming up with cool ideas to create, and I was trying to focus. She is the genius of creation, and the most intuitive person I know. But, because I love her, I said, with a long sigh, “OooooKaaaaay”.

We set a date and she called me. 

She began by asking me what was happening a year from now in my life. I spontaneously pulled something out of my imagination of what I would like to have-be in my future. She did not stop there. She, being the master that she is, continued to respond with enthusiasm, and more questions as to how I got there. The session lasted for about 45 minutes and, I say with sincerity, it changed my life in that moment with lasting inspiration. 

Then she encouraged me to go write down what I said. I could hardly wait to do that because a new vision had been born. And, better yet, the strategies to get there were birthed as well.

This was all do to Elaine's intuitive genius that tuned into me, and pulled out my heart and soul. When we did the session I had my eyes closed and just let my higher self answer. There was no fear, doubt or worry involved. It was like painting a beautiful dream. The best part is that I did not let my mind get in the way, you know, the one stuck in stupid limiting beliefs. I let my soul lead the way, and it was so much fun. New inspiration turned into enhanced motivation. Of course, much of this had to do with Elaine, because she is a master of enthusiasm, knowing just what questions to ask, and comments to make to cheer me on.

Give this a try and plant a new a seed for a new vision while Elaine is offering my clients a special discount. Let me know how it goes. Can't wait to hear from you.

Here is an excerpt from her website:

I had the best date ever!

Super fun. Insightful. Loving.

I felt high afterwards.

Who was this with?

I went on a date with my future self.

After going to over 1000 classes and seminars, Elaine Wilkes, PhD, realized the wisest guru was your future self.

"Elaine had me feel and experience all my future accomplishments as if they already happened—a year from now. I gained clarity on how to make my upcoming year outstanding.”

Elaine is exclusively offering my list her $150 sessions, for only $65 a session. Give her a call or text: 310-447-8446.

If you want me to answer any questions, or you would love a 30 minute complimentary consultation, call or text me at: 808-250-1535.

Have your best date ever: