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Maui Retreat - Awaken, Move, Eat, Explore & Relax

We have one space open for Maui Moon Retreat - January 18-27th. That's 10 whole days on the ocean front Maui estate with Chef Teton and, the Maui moon phase, the stars, ocean, tropical breezes, and of course, great food.

This is a small private retreat where we will customize an experience and lifestyle plan for just YOU!

Start 2017 with your dreams planted firmly for awakening your success, health and vitality.

What do you want? Why? Is there something getting in your way or stopping you? If so, what?

Let's over come whatever is stopping you. Together we will free you from your limitations, load you up with inspiration, and a have a lot of fun. Let's:

.......fill you with just the right food for YOU, and empower you with the knowledge and skills to put good food into your body forever. the right movement for YOU to keep your spine straight, your muscles toned and your joints flexible.

.......uncover old beliefs that no longer serve you, and plant new seeds of thought to support the fulfillment of your dreams.

During your ten days on Maui, with the Maui moon cycle we will cook, study, move and explore the gorgeous island of Maui.  We will hike to water falls, laze in the hammock, circle up and explore our inner fabric. We will experience some rituals on the beach where you will be able to discover deeper aspects of your body and soul, and discover your purpose in YOU. Along with some powerful medicine rituals, like the "chocolate scrub" you will cleanse your mind, and awaken to the incredible body you live in, and your purpose here together.

We all have very different bodies that thrive with our own special dietary needs. We have unique preferences for movement, whether it be yoga, cycling, spin classes, or walking. We also have unique lifestyles, finances, responsibilities, likes and dislikes. What works for one does not work for another. Let's find the right fit for YOU.

That being said, we all need food that nourishes us, movement that keeps us flexible and strong, and a vibrant mental focus and attitude. I have lived in this body for 71 years and have accomplished excellent health through years of study, and practice with every diet that exists, various yoga and movement practices, and consciousness and spiritual training's. Success with my health has come with tons of experimental study, and getting to know my own body and what works for me. I get that we are not cookie cutter. We are individuals with unique bodies and souls. For this reason, I am calling in just a few individuals at a time who want to come and experience a lifestyle plan designed to fit YOU. It is a retreat experience customized to fulfill your needs.

Let's cook together, study together, hang out together, learn, discover, practice and grow.

Here is what is included:

* Delicious meals - all organic food from the Earth and not the factory.

* Cooking & non-cooking classes (fermentation, vegetables, healing foods -  what would you love to learn?)

* Private room & bath (1 shared bath).

* Transportation to and from the airport.

* 3 Maui Excursions (options: Trip to Hana, Lavender Farm & The Maui Winery, Haleakala Crater, Up Country Farm Tour & Lunch, Chocolate Scrub Ritual, 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance).

* 2 Free days to explore Maui, rest, write or play in the kitchen.

* Yoga and movement every day. Learn simple new meditations to empower and strengthen your mind.

* Free time to rest, contemplate, journal, talk, and share.

* One on one coaching consultations in the areas important to You.

* Chef Teton's Dietary Makeover Course, The Ayurvedic Course, and Cultured Superfoods Course.

* Copy of my new book, "Eating As A Spiritual Practice".


My vision for you is to: what "Eating As A Spiritual Practice" means to you.

.........create full control and skills to nourish you all the time - easily.

........a plan to strengthen your physical body that fits your needs for growth and maintenance.

........create skills to continue to strengthen your mental muscle to support YOU.

........create a foundation for "soulful living & eating".

........go home with a treasure chest of tools for optimal health and vitality, and an awakened state of consciousness so that you can continue to grow and blossom.

..........have a lot of fun.


Come, join me in the kitchen, on the mat, in the waterfalls, and on beach. Let's together explore YOU and Maui.

Cost: $3,500 All Inclusive

Email me NOW: or CALL 808-250-1535 so we can discuss options for you, and book your stay.

There may be space for other full moon gatherings in February, March & April.

Questions? Need more info? Call or write.