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Fermenting Class - Cultured Veggies, Coconut Kefir & Ogi

Let's Get Cultured!  Chef Teton’s Fermentation Class -  Sept 22nd – 11 to 5 Waiehu Beach

Come learn how to make easy and affordable foods brimming with probiotic bacteria. The foods we will make are staples where people live to be a healthy 100 years old. Enhance your digestion, and enhance your life!

Together we will make these powerful foods!


1. Culture/Ferment Vegetables (think Sauerkraut)

2. Ferment fresh Coconut milk into Kefir

3. Ferment fresh Coconut meat into yogurt pudding

4. Ferment Beet for Beet Kvass (delicious probiotic beverage)

5. Make Ogi, fermented millet grain (a staple of Africa, delicious for cereal) porridge.


We will eat like Royalty with a Raw Lunch, and everyone will go home with a jar of Beet Kvass and their own Cultured Veggies!

 Cost: $87.50 plus $15.00 for food

 Space is limited. Call now for reservation. Payment in full needed to hold your space. All credit cards accepted.

Learn more on this video clip of my DVD on Cultured Foods!

Call: 808-250-1535 to reserve your spot!