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Yam a la Stryian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Yam Pumpkin Seed Oil

it does not much better than this. Bake a sweet potato or yam until soft. Split and pour over Stryian Pumpkin Seed Oil, Celtic Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper. Unbelievable flavor, texture, and luscious satisfaction! Get the pumpkin seed oil and salt at Tel them Chef Teton sent you. If you are not enjoying their salts, then do so. They are by far the best.



Purple Sweet Potatoes or Yam with coconut Oil & Cilantro

This colorful dish can be all yours within 15 minutes. Simply wash, peel and chop your favorite sweet potato, yam or squash into small pieces. Steam or boil the small pieces until tender. Transfer to serving dish and toss with a tsp. of coconut oil (or, flax oil, Ghee or pasture butter). Then top with fresh cut Cilantro and Celtic Sea Salt. Drizzle a tsp. of honey and squeeze of lemon or lime. Could it be that simple? Yes! Try this delicious dish in the evening when you want an explosion of flavors to revitalize and relax you. It is so rich and fulfilling you will not be tempted for a dessert of any kind.


Sweet Potato, Yam or Squash

Coconut Oil, Flax Oil, Ghee or Pasture Butter

Honey and Lemon or Lime juice