Healing Foods Bone Broths is a brief, but substantial course in how to make beef and chicken bone broths. Both of these broths are gaining popularity again as nutritionists and health professionals realize the value of them for healing the gut and also nourishing the body in profound ways. Bone broths are easy to make, and nourishing on many levels while they provide macro minerals and other digestive aids. Bone broths are used for healing in the GAP Diet and also heralded in the teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The best part is that they taste amazing and can be used for a warm nourishing drink or the base of a soup. All you need is a stove, a good pot and healthy bones, and you can create a valuable beverage full of nutrition. This course will only take about 2 hours to complete. Enjoy! 

  • Over 8 lectures and 30 mins of content!
  • Ingesting bone broths may be one of the most powerful ways to obtains micro minerals and digestive qualities not found in other foods. Bone broths have been used for hundreds of years and now today to help heal the gut. In this course students will learn the value of bone broths plus how to make beef and chicken broth.
  • Important: Bone broths should only be made from bones from animals that have been raised organically and grass fed preferably. Bones from conventionally raised animals are not recommended, and are actually advised against.


Anyone caring about their health, improving their digestions and building strong bones and tissues will benefit from this course. This course is not intended for vegans or vegetarians because these bone broths are made from bones from animals. A vegetable broth may be more suited for them.


Students will need a large pan or crock pot and food grade bones from commercial animals.