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Susan Teton at home in Maui, Hawaii. Currently in her 7th decade, Susan is living proof of what life looks like when you love yourself and take care of your body by making eating and living well a daily spiritual practice.

What are you seeking?  Do you want to be joyful and blissful, radiant and vibrant, full of life and energy, feisty and sassy, flexible and strong, engaged, and fully present in life? Do you want to regain your figure and your looks and be totally in tune with your body again? Do you want people to continue to be totally shocked when you reveal your age? Are you on medication and desire to be free of all that? Do you want to know that if you fall, you can get back up? Do you want to maintain a multidimensional bright brain and a sharp wit? Do you long to feel more connected to your world and live your life with meaning? Would you love more creativity in your life and more fulfilling sensual experiences? Do you want people to look at you and say, “I want what she’s got!”?

You’re not alone. These intentions were shared with me recently by one of my clients. I completely related to her because I, too, have been in those shoes. I’ve answered each of these questions at one time or another with a resounding and often difficult, “yes.” During my life, I’ve experienced a whole spectrum of setbacks and suffering, from worrying about the health of my son to the frustrations and accomplishments that evolved around the important changes I wanted to affect in the world. All of this finally led me to the freedom, comfort and joy revealed in a simple and deeply spiritual solution:  

Soulful Living & Eating is a Journey From Seed to Soul
A Living & Culinary-Based Practice of Self Stewardship


Essential Cuisine as a daily practice awakened me to the power of food and introduced to me a new way to connect to the larger purpose of my life. Inspired by the strongest force in the universe, love, I learned to become an impeccable steward of my own body and my future. My hope is that Essential Cuisine will do the same for you.

Fundamentally, Soulful Living & Eating is about stewardship. By starting as a good steward of yourself – acting in your own best interest, loving yourself and nourishing yourself daily – you’ll become a stronger steward for the greater good, to help nurture each other and our planet. We’re all connected. Our health and vibrancy affects the whole.

Let’s break it down. 

Susan Teton Campbell Cooks


About Essential Cuisine

Essential Cuisine is the culinary-based practice I created from my life experiences as a mother, chef, foodie, healthy food and environmental activist, author of  Essential Cuisine cooking DVDs, keynote speaker, spiritual student and teacher. 

Notice that I am not calling Essential Cuisine a “diet.” I think diets are confusing and constricting and they deny pleasure. Essential Cuisine is rather a daily practice – a way of life where nourishment, flavor, respect for the Earth, and health and vitality are the essential ingredients. Food is simply the seed (pun intended) I believe that helps you fully bloom into your higher self. When your body is healthy, it can serve as the vital vessel that enables you to pursue your calling and do the work you were meant to do. Learn to bring yourself into alignment – physically, mentally and spiritually. When your body is in harmony, your life is in harmony. 

At its root, I designed this practice to awaken and dazzle the senses by providing people with foods the body loves and the palate craves: delicious pure, organic, natural whole foods. Essential Cuisine combines the best of raw, cooked and cultured foods. The inspiration is derived from luscious flavors and textures, highly functional super foods, alkaline foods, probiotic rich foods, artisan oils and a healthy combination of organic whole foods from the Earth.

You’ll learn how to “eat from the earth not the factory” with a focus on:

  • Raw foods and sprouting

  • Healthy fats and oils

  • Cultured, fermented foods

  • Nuts, seeds and grains

  • Healing foods, such as bone broth, and Ayurveda principles and ingredients that help heal your gut (the core system of good health)

Don’t worry; it’s not complicated. I’m not one to color within the lines; in fact, rigid recipes make my eye twitch! So I’ll teach you to let loose and enjoy cooking with simple ingredients that bring huge pleasure (you’ll hear me say “lavishly sprinkle…” a lot!). We’ll learn the basics about how to easily make delicious, nourishing, high-quality foods while keeping it affordable, simple and aligned with your unique lifestyle. Forget about rules and “the” way – this is all about what feels right for YOU. We’ll take baby steps that will help you make big leaps. 

Susan Teton third eye


You can’t be creative and inventive if your mind is foggy and you’re lethargic. You can’t tune into your intuition and grow spiritually when you’re weak and over medicated. And if you’re mind is filled with “I can’t do that” negative thoughts, you’ll likely shut down before you ever begin. People have issues about food and their bodies. Our thoughts and limiting beliefs run our lives and can sabotage us. And often our limiting beliefs show themselves in our daily dietary and lifestyle habits. Do either of these sound familiar?

I don’t know where to start in the kitchen with cooking. It’s overwhelming. So I give up. And that makes me feel guilty. I feel like I’m a failure. So I eat a Twinkie and stay in my rut.
I have a bad habit of purchasing all I need for a week and then I don’t want what I have available or I’m too tired to prepare it or it’s too much work. So I just stop in my tracks.

These thoughts give clues to what’s really holding you back. As part of Soulful Living & Eating, we’ll take the time and space to look inside and face those thoughts and limiting beliefs head on. We’ll practice what I call deep “inner work” that I still do almost daily. As a dedicated and certified student of the Work of Byron Katie and Avatar Wizard I can attest to the utter profound value of doing this inner work. Learning to navigate your own consciousness will awaken you and finally help you lift out of the fog of negative untruths.



As a certified Yoga teacher, I’ll share simple techniques to renew your breath, create flexibility and strengthen your spine to help you stand upright as you age. A healthy spine is paramount. You must start now to create a spine that lasts for a lifetime. Great health is about staying in alignment. Whether you like yoga or not, there are a few easy movements that will serve you greatly in restoring and strengthening your spine. Your body will love you for it. Please read the blog post to learn why Yoga is one of the only ways to keep that spine or yours straight and strong.

Read More >



Susan Teton at the beach

As an author and environmentalist with vast experience working with the top health and environmental professionals in the country, I have come to understand what it takes to keep us in alignment with the Earth and her living systems. Understanding the dynamics and laws of the universe are key in providing the support and knowledge you need to become the steward you are meant to be. Today, more than ever, environmental issues must be considered in our health and wellness practice. Trust me, aligning with Earth's living systems just might be the catalyst you need to fall in love with your life.


Essential Cuisine helps you realize how eating and living well are a spiritual practice. Our interconnection is clear in these reciprocal relationships that begin with food:

  • When you eat well, you live well.

  • When you are healthy and well, you can serve others.

  • When you make good food choices (from farm not factory), you are making good choices that affect the health of our planet and the earth’s living systems.

  • When you truly love yourself, you can love others.

In our practice together, I will listen deeply and gently guide you with techniques I’ve learned along my vibrant path of spiritual awakening and personal development. 

Come, join me. 

This is your opportunity to experience pleasure instead of deprivation, feel complete instead of full, and satisfied instead of wanting. A lifestyle that embraces a deep and respectful relationship with all life on Earth offers simplicity, ease, vitality and fulfillment. 

Although much of my work is focused on food, I’ll share with you the lifestyle practices that challenged me and ultimately brought me to a place of blissful living or at least blissful living most of the time. My intention is to serve and inspire you to awaken to deep and meaningful stewardship of your life – just as I have done in my own life. I promise you will learn and become inspired to take the action you desire and most likely need, whether you realize it now or not.

Please contact me for a no-obligation 30 to 60-minute complimentary health, wellness, and nutrition coaching session by phone, by Skype or in person (on Maui). 

Courses & Coaching

My packages are designed to provide you with longevity and continual growth. They will keep you fresh, supported and enlightened as we live, learn and grow. Each of my coaching programs combine live group calls with hands-on learning and online video courses and recipes. You’ll discover the essential cooking, yoga and self-reflection techniques I’ve learned on my own life’s journey that are the pure, simple foundation to a healthier lifestyle.

Results are immediate, and there is no stopping the progress and awakening once you are committed. This is why I offer a variety of programs to fit your goals and lifestyle – from a basic 90-day overview to a deep-dive, 18-month option for those who want to continue on the path of awakening, growing stronger, more flexible, and happier as they live on.

The 4-Week Dietary Makeover

$495.00 or prepaid $400.00
Pay 100% up-front and save $100.00 ($400.00).
Or, make 2 monthly payments, of $250 ($495.00).

The 4-Week Dietary Makeover On-Line Course (videos & Audio) for 1 year.
One hour private consultation each week (during our 4 weeks together)
Private Facebook Group (forever)
Weekly teleconference group calls for Q&A (during our 4 weeks together)
Bonus call on 5th week for essential movement practices: Creating a strong and straight spine, and flat Belly.
Option to join longer coaching programs offered below.

This course is for:
People who are already somewhat familiar with health and nutrition, but want to bump up their practice with better culinary skills and knowledge.
People who just want to learn how to eat healthy in a simple way.
The beginner who knows nothing about nutrition and can’t cook at all.

The course will introduce you to several new trends of highly nourishing culinary practices (raw, cooked and fermented). It will also show you how to combine them, I promise. The methods and techniques are designed to “keep it simple” while nourishing at the same time. Keep in mind it is comprehensive with a lot of videos, recipes, and insightful learning’s in the audio portion of the program. It will be yours for one year should you decide to register. Many have gone through incredible leaps in this program as it provides a solid base to learn how to “Eat From The Earth and Not The Factory.”

During the online course, I will provide two teleconference calls each week for new learning and Q&A.

The Essential Cuisine Recipe – E-book.
The Cultured/Fermented Superfoods On-line Course
Option to join the 90-day or longer ongoing coaching program.

Please contact me for a no-obligation 30 to 60-minute complimentary health, wellness, and nutrition coaching session by phone, by skype or in person (on Maui). Message me HERE with your name and time zone, and I will contact you to schedule a call.

Long Term Coaching Packages

The Seed to Soul Packages – A Fabulous Investment For Your Life

The Gold Papaya – 18 Months

$4,995.00 prepaid $3,995.00
Pay 100% up-front and save $1,000 ($3,995).
Or, make monthly payments, 10 payments of $500 ($4,995).

This is my complete health and wellness package. It includes all my intellectual property: all online video courses, books and personal coaching with them. Included is a personal one-hour call per week on all areas of health and wellness including yoga, movement, spiritual & consciousness coaching.

Together we will design a customized lifestyle design for you, one that provides excellent beginnings, follow through and success, one that includes cleansing, nutrition, culinary support, supplements, movement, and spiritual support. As you create new habits, change and grow, your customized design will change. We can work with your physician or alternative health practitioners. We will grow together.

This package also includes membership to my private FB group where you can share successes and gain support as needed. It also includes a weekly group call and the following:

4-Week Dietary Makeover
Customized Diet Plan, exercise plan includes shopping lists.
Kitchen re-organizations (By skype or in person on Maui or?)
Assessing your lifestyle
Your likes and dislikes
Your professional life
Your existing state of health
Your motivation
Your existing knowledge
Your resources
Your home and location
We will make your lifestyle changes a special event instead of a chore

Go from deprivation to freedom


The Silver Mango –12 months


$3495 prepaid $2,995
Pay 100% up-front and save $500 ($2,995).
Make monthly payments, 7 payments of $500 ($3,495).

This package includes everything mentioned above in the Gold Papaya package, yet for a year.

The Bronze Banana – 90 days

$1295 or prepaid $995.00
Pay 100% up-front and save $300
Make monthly payments, 3 payments $400 ($1295).


$125 per hour for private coaching.