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More About the DVD

Essential Cuisine demonstrates techniques from many cooking methods, dietary and healing protocols, and ancient traditions to create a delicious dietary practice of foods of high integrity that come from the Earth, not the factory.

Essential Cuisine delivers 25 cooking shows that teach the fundamental techniques to prepare raw, cooked, and cultured/fermented foods. These rich, sensuous, delicious dishes will help you discover the secrets to staying slim, healthy, and energized!

  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Enhance your digestion
  • Create a radiant complexion
  • Promote flexibility
  • Build strong bones
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Enjoy pleasure with every bite

The Raw, Cooked, and Cultured course is a hands-on, experiential set of lessons presented in a powerful sequence. You will join Chef Teton in the kitchen, where she will be your coach every step of the way, sharing visual demonstrations of the techniques, secrets, and potential pitfalls of preparing these foods.

Your series is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and it is so much more than what I ever expected to find. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s real, and it’s full of tricks and tips to decrease the learning curve. After just the first DVD, I was experimenting in the kitchen again, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for all your hard work. This series will change the health of America, one mouthful at a time.
— Louisa Blackstone
  • Learn all the basics of Raw Food preparation: soaking, sprouting, and blending.
  • Create luscious raw entrees, seed milks, seed cheeses, dehydrated crackers, pizza dough, and delicious raw food recipes.
  • Make highly nutritious sauces and dressings that awaken cooked veggies and wholesome alkaline grains.
  • Learn what fats nourish your cells and can actually aid you in weight loss.
  • Get more essential fatty acids and Omega 3 fats into your diet the delicious way by learning what foods must be raw and which are better cooked.
  • Learn the secrets of how to mineralize your meals and coordinate simple meals that nourish and taste amazing.
  • Make delicious and oh-so-nutritious raw desserts.

Learn how to make cultured vegetables and kefir easily and safely. These fermented foods are the missing link in most people’s diet and are absolutely needed for a strong digestive and immune system. In addition, they are delicious, making every meal complete!

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