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Shopping List for Essential Cuisine DVD Series

Below is a list of all the food items featured in the Essential Cuisine Series. The lists are divided into 3 sections just like the DVDs are. First there is the Raw Food Basics and Entrees. Next is the Raw Desserts and Salads, and then the a la Oils Series. The items needed to make the Cultured Veggie and Kefir follow. You should have all the recipes from the DVD’s and the E-Book. 

As you will note the amount or quantity is not listed next to the item. Here is what I suggest. Print the list below. Once you make a decision as to what you are going to make, locate the item below from the recipe and then write in the quantity next to item. You can use this list while you shop. Or, you can transpose your ingredient list to our own shop list. I like to list the items in groups as they would be located in the store. This saves time running up and down the isles.

You can purchase many of the following items in the bulk section of your whole foods grocers. Of course, you can purchase them packaged as well, but they will be much more affordable when purchased in bulk. These should be all “raw” of course. As for some of the other specialty items, you will most likely not find them in your local grocery store. You will, however, find them at your local whole food grocers and/or health food store.

Please check our website for specific products that we recommend and used in the series. Many of these items can be purchased on line and mailed to you. I do this for several of the items I want around all the time. As for your produce, it is always best if you buy locally, organic of course. One of the most powerful statements we can make for a sustainable food supply is buy locally. Find your local Farmers Market and purchase all your fresh produce once or twice a week. It is fun to visit your local markets, talk to the farmers, and support their worthy work. What is available dictates your menu for the coming week. Most of all the Essential Cuisine methods can be adapted for different fresh foods. Enjoy, and remember to make every bit count! 

~ Chef Teton

Raw Food Basics & Entrees DVDs

RawFood Basics and Entrees DVD's

Fresh Fruit/Veggies/Herbs
1 Head Parsley
2 Lemons
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Ginger
Sea Vegetables: Dulce & Nori Rolls
Fresh Oregano, Basil & Thyme for Pizza

Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits
Mung Beans
Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas)
Sesame Seeds (unhulled)
Pine Nuts
Macadamia Nuts
Raw Buckwheat Groats
Dried Pineapple (or fresh)
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Fresh Jalapeno
Red Bell Pepper

Nut Butters/Oils/Sauces
Barleans High Lignan Flax or Olive Oil
Styrian Pumpkin Oil
Raw Sesame Tahini (unsalted)
Olive Oil

Sauces & Bottled Items
Wheat Free Low Sodium Tamari or Nama Shoyu
Cultured Vegetables

Spices & Seasonings
Cumin (Simply Organic)
Celtic Sea Salt
Dried Kelp Seasoning
Vegetable Seasonings or desired spices for Almond Soup
Italian Seasonings

Fresh Spring Water
Red Wine

Raw Desserts & Salads DVD

raw desserts and salads DVD

(The items for the Salad Segments are included in á la Oils shop list below)

Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits
Cashews or Macadamia Nuts

Fresh Fruit
Berries (Frozen or Fresh)

Other Flavorings
Vanilla Bean
Tamari or Nana Shoyu

á la Oils DVD Series

a la oils DVD series

Fresh Fruit/Veggies/Herbs
1 Bunch Fennel
3 Ruby Red Grapefruits
1 Large Avocado
1 Red Onion
Swiss Chard
Winter Squash
Sweet Potatoes/Yams
Red Baby Potatoes
Greens/Carrots for Veggie Soup
Tomato for Avocado & Toast
Fresh Herbs like Cilantro, Celery Leaves & Parsley
Fruit for Fruit Salad w/Coconut Cream & French Toast
(bananas, apples, berries, etc.)

Nuts, Seeds & Grains
Flax Seeds
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds (Styrian are best)
Raw Buckwheat Groats

Nut Butters/Oils
Raw Almond butter
Barleans High Lignan Flax Oil
Coconut Cream Concentrate or also called Coconut Spread
Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed Extra Virgin)
Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Sauces & Bottled Items
Cultured Veggies/Kim Chi
Balsamic Vinegar
Rice Vinegar
Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Tamari or Nama Shoyu
Honey or Maple Sugar
Braggs Liquid Aminos

French Meadow 100% Rye w/Sunflower Seeds
French Meadow Hemp Seed
French Meadow Men’s & Women’s
All French Meadow Breads and Tortillas are Fabulous

Spices & Seasonings
Celtic Sea Salt
Brewers Yeast Flakes
Fresh Ground Pepper

Special Items
Maple Sugar
Maple Butter Spread
Sea Veggies: Get a Variety for Mineral Mixture (Dulce, Nori, Alaria, Kelp, Laver)

Animal Foods
Eggs (range free, antibiotic and hormone free)

Cultured Veggies/Kefir Kitchen

Cultured Veggies/ Kefir Kitchen DVD

Cultured Veggies
Sea Veggies
(optional: onions, ginger, garlic, spices, etc.)
Cultured Veggie Culture

Raw Milk
Kefir Starter

Large Glass or Ceramic Bowl and Glass Jars