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Susan Teton Campbell

In 1991, the passion for Susan Teton Campbell’s life work was ignited when she read ‘Diet for a New America’ by John Robbins. Bringing her extensive marketing and media expertise to the Robbins’ organization, EarthSave International, Susan created and promoted the award-winning Healthy School Lunch Program (HSLP). Collaborating with top nutritional and environmental experts in government, business, and academia, Susan created a curriculum that motivated students nationwide to make healthier food choices.

In 1997, with funding from the American Cancer Society and the USDA, Susan took her program to Hawaii, inspiring the state to be the first in the nation to create plant-based alternatives for school menus. When the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine rated the health of meals at American schools in 1998, the HSLP was in three of the top 10. As part of the HSLP, Susan co-authored The Healthy School Lunch Action Guide, a 184-page resource manual published by EarthSave International in 1994. The guide was sold/distributed to teachers and parents across the country while Susan went on a national tour, speaking to thousands of parents, administrators, government agencies and associations (National Food Service Association). The tour included numerous TV and radio appearances.

Following her tenure at EarthSave, Susan along with key members of the Natural Products Industry, formed a education/lobby organization for natural food and supplement manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. In collaboration with New Hope Media, Susan envisioned and founded the Natural Products Council, spearheading a national marketing campaign featuring celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Nealon, and Ed Begley, Jr. In 1998 she collaborated with Citizens For Health (Boulder, CO), to launch a national campaign, Let’s Keep Organic, Organic. The campaign broke U.S. Department of Agriculture records for consumer letters received. The result was a rewrite of the policy that set national organic labeling standards.

With a mission to make the health and welfare of children the overriding consideration in all government, corporate, and individual decisions, Susan set out to bring awareness of the interplay of nutrition, environment, economic, social, and cultural factors that impact American youth. In 2001, after years of studying with notable nutrition/health professionals, Susan took her nutrition knowledge into the kitchen where she created menu plans for retreats put on by Byron Katie International and Radisson Hotel chains. Recognizing that most people know what healthy food is, but lack the skills to prepare it, she went on to develop recipes and menu plans for large resorts and celebrities, actively teaching food service personnel and private chefs.

In 2005 she launched her “functional food” style to become an instructor for home chefs and professional culinary students at Laguna Culinary Arts, in Laguna Beach, CA. Relocating to Maui, Hawaii in 2005, Susan launched her multi media company, to produce media products for nutrition culinary education. Her first media project is a culinary practice combining the best of the essential dietary components of the Centenarian Cultures – a healthy combination of raw, cooked and cultured foods. Essential Cuisine, A Journey From Seed to Soul is produced in a 6 Set DVD format (23 cooking shows) and an e-book under the brand “Chef Teton”. (

The set is sold and distributed online, in Whole Food Markets, Amazon, Food Matters, and FMTV, along with other Internet distributors worldwide. Convinced that food is a significant factor in the rising epidemic of youth related health issues, Susan also produced Teens Teaching Teens, a 9 segment DVD cooking show starring 16 yr old Landon Bell.

Susan holds nutrition, culinary and education certifications from Body Ecology Diet, Raw Living Foods, Ayurvedic Cooking, WSET Wine Pairing, and Experiential Education (Ropes Course) – “Team Building In the Kitchen”, The Work of Byron Katie and completed the Avatar Master, Professional and Wizard Courses in 2009. Locally on Maui, she is the wellness chef for the 2009, 2010, 2011 Maui County Agricultural Festival sponsored by the Maui County Farm Bureau. She was the executive chef for the seven-day Agricultural Design Conference hosted by Hawaii Farmers Association, and is a regular speaker/teacher for various organizations like the Farmers Union, Vegetarian Society, and the American Heart Association.

Susan was a co-founder of the Slow Food Maui Convivium, a previous board member of the Maui Food Technology Center (funded by Maui County), VP of the Hawaii Farmers Union, Maui Chapter, and currently serves on the board of Maui Tomorrow. Her most recent book, Eating As A Spiritual Practice was published in 2017.

Susan is a seasoned educator, author, producer, public speaker and media guest. She is active in the Maui community with legislation, agriculture and all things food. She has a popular Blog ( and holds private retreats on Maui.

Contact: Susan “Chef Teton” Campbell 808-250-1535