3 powerful ways to put more plant foods into your life!

Plus a Surprise Bonus - See below!

Are you one of those people that ask, "What do I do with vegetables? or "How can I put more plant foods into my diet easily, affordability and eat something that tastes good and fills me up?" The answer: Raw Foods, Ayurvedic (Indian food), and Cultured/Fermented Foods. These 3 culinary methods from a variety of lifestyles will provide nourishment, flexibility, variety and great taste. Learning the basics of these culinary practices is easy with my 3 courses, this is why I am offering all 3 to your for the price of ONE.

Why am I doing this? Because I know from extreme experience that what you eat really matter to how you feel. How you feel determines how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how you participate in the world and how you love and fulfill your dreams. It hurts me (not that this is a good reason) to see people hurt themselves with poor food choices. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it will be so worth it. Do you and your body a favor, and learn to put more plant foods into your diet and life, NOW.

Eating more plants foods will support you for a lifetime whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or paleo lover. Plants are the kings and queens of every health diet out there. Don't get confused by a title. Just eat more plants (organic that is)!

Below are short videos and explanation of each of the courses. All 3 courses for the price of one: $77.00. They are yours forever, just download them. All the courses come with recipes. Plus there is a private FB group so we can play and invent together.

And, guess what? See below for the bonus (my new book)!


1. Raw Foods: Incorporating Raw Food culinary methods is one of the coolest ways to put tons of plants foods into your life (veggies, nuts, seeds, fats). With the raw food culinary style you can learn to make fabulous desserts, delicious sauces and dressing, gluten free crackers and amazingly satisfying salads and entrees. Learning raw foods is worth learning. Below is a short video clip, which gives you a glimpse of the Raw Food Course, which incidentally has been called, "The best Raw Food Course available".

Healing Foods Ayurvedic

2. The second course is all about learning the basics of the art of Ayurvedic cooking. Now, this does not need to be complicated. Just learning the basics with the use of powerful spices and herbs can transform many veggies into something completely divine. The truth is that the methods are extremely easy.  Check out these two short videos from my course on the art of Ayurvedic cooking. It can now be yours.

Cultured/Fermented Foods

3. Lastly, cultured/fermented foods and now gaining popularity even thought they are a very practice of preserving foods and providing living flora to your gut for digestion and immune building. Making cultured veggies is the best way to make them the way you like and to be affordable as well. In this course you will learn to cultured veggie, make yogurt and kefir, beet kvass and ogi (a fermented grain).

So, now is the time to get all 3 of these courses for the price of one. I am not going to write one of those long sales letters to harp and harp on you about why these courses are so good, and why they are packed with awesome information that you need. Quite frankly I don't like those letters. They are such a turn off. So, how do I tell you in a few short words or pictures? I am not sure, really. Here is my best try to save you time and money.

I know that what you eat matters a great deal. Quite frankly, I do not think that the diet you choose matters that much as long as you are eating from the Earth and not the factory, and that includes factory farms animal production. Just eat good wholesome organic foods and plenty of them. Then you can customize as what suits you best. Do it.

OK, I promised a BONUS for all those that purchase these 3 courses for an incredible price of only $77.00. the BONUS is a copy of my new book: Eating As A Spiritual Practice. This newsletter is the first to provide a peek at the book. The BONUS will include a complimentary copy of the ebook, which is scheduled to be out by the end of summer. Drum Roll please!!!!


Get all 3 of these courses now,  and have them for life. They come with "how to" videos, recipes and mouth watering information. Purchase by the end of July and receive my new ebook, Eating As A Spiritual Practice, for free when it comes out in September.