In Aging Beautifully - the Path to ‘Imi ola, I have been pondering on the kind of course I wanted to offer this spring. Should I teach nutrition, culinary instruction and diet? Weight loss? Spiritual growth? Mind Control? Lifestyle?

After a few days of meditation and inquiry it came to me to do a 40 Day Challenge for upgrading your self-care regimen. The focus: food, thinking and any other practice you want to put into your life that will enhance your self-care.

That is a tall order but there is not a person I know who knows better but does not do better in the areas of self-care. In addition, I am not so sure one diet fits all. The bottom line of every healthy diet is that they are all “whole food” based. Diet and food, and the response your body has in regards to it, varies with each person. The other bottom line  is that junk food, processed foods, sugar and bad fats, and GMO foods are detrimental.

Can you find a few areas of self-care that you need to upgrade? I am sure you can. But before you start feeling bad or guilty, read the copy below about how a new practice for only 40 days can solidify or create a new habit that can be effective and lasting.

Then stay tuned for the announcement of my new course: Aging Beautifully - The 40 Day Challenge for a dietary upgrade. Let’s create some new habits to support our body, our life and our Path to ‘Imi Ola (the highest form of well-being).

The Technology of 40 days to Change the Habits
Excerpted from Faces Changes II by Dr. Kartar. Prosperity Paths Jan 2004 Iss

Thousands of years ago yogis became aware that it is possible to adjust one’s life through changing one’s habits. Actually this seems like a simple concept, however, for most people a difficult challenge. Habits are repetitive behaviors which form specific patterns in our reality. At the time that the pattern was first repeated, it seemed like a desirable action. However, as our awareness enfolded, these same desirable habits were now experienced as undesirable. Yogic technology offers specific practices to adjust undesirable habits, even those which are haunting us. There is a specific time commitment which is required to adjust the neurons and the frequencies of our brain. According to yogic technology it takes 40 days to change a habit – to retrain the mental process and nervous system. Practicing anything for at least 40 days allows you the opportunity to incorporate it into your being, turn on, wake up, transform!

Manifesting change requires patience and baby steps. Yoga and meditation help us to facilitate change because they can help us to penetrate the psyche to change our habit structure at a core level. If we don’t change the psyche then change won’t last, it is just that simple.

Formula for Success

Choose simple habits to change at first. Specifically target the habit you’re trying to change. Work hard for 40 days, and then begin to target the next habit you would like to change.

40 days to change or break a habit.

90 days to confirm a new habit.

120 days the new habit is who you are.

1000 days You have mastered the new habit.

This means that our brain does not accept ‘new’ data for a change of habit unless it is repeated each day for 40 days (without missing a day).

How would your life change? Can you imagine how differently you would think, feel and behave if you had a change of habit? You can’t put a price on it. Habits take time and consistency.  So if you are taking the challenge remember all truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience and if you have not started then Today is as good as any.

It is my pleasure to offer you a  complimentary 15-minute consultation to help you upgrade your self-care!

Interested? Contact me at Susan@ChefTeton.com and/or stay tuned for my course announcement coming up later this week. Space is limited!