The most powerful thing I learned in Raw Food Culinary preparation is the use of fats and oils. Keeping the integrity of fats and oils of the foods that contain them seems to be a key to healthy fats, and this is what Raw Food is abundant in. Take for instance nuts and seeds. All the nuts and seeds are raw - therefore the essential fatty acids in the nuts and seeds, which are sensitive to light and heat, are kept in tact. This is what makes them so powerful.

The key to healthy cooked food is to make sure you use raw fats from nuts and seeds,  and oils from them which have been milled with no heat and that have been kept away from the light in dark containers. They must also be kept cool and used within a short period of time. Oils that are milled this way are outstanding in flavor and texture. They are fabulous to use "on top" of food fresh from the bottle, without cooking. That is why I call it the "a la Oils" way. Many people skim on fat and/or stop frying foods because they have heard that low fat is better. This is true of poor quality processed oils and nuts and seeds that have been roasted or cooked in high heats. These fats are now rancid and can cause harm to the body.

But, fats are what make food yummy and that is why Raw Food is so rich and delicious. Keeping in mind Raw Food integrity with regards to fats, do the same with cooked foods. Keep your fats and oils Raw, and use them on steamed veggies, grains and legumes.

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