Even though we have dental experts to call upon, we ourselves must be educated. Vitally important: The Functional Oral Health Summit!!

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Remember the days (depending on how old you are, maybe you don’t) that you went to the doctor and told him/her what was wrong and they prescribed something, presumably safe, and off you went home to heal and get better. Sometimes it was as simple as “take two aspirin and go to bed.”

Not only is it not simple anymore, we are required to step up and be our own health practitioner/physician to some degree. Even dental work is becoming complex.  But, even more than complex, we are finding that oral health can be the root of so many other problems. Two aspirins are not going to make it in today's world. 

I know that many of your are experiencing dental problems, so please listen in as much as you can to this wonderful summit starting today:

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I thought my dental nightmare was over, but I was wrong. Recently I had to learn how to read my dental x-rays. Why, you might be wondering? Because my dentist did not catch what he should have in the beginning. Not only that, the x-ray he took did not show the root of the tooth, which means it did not show the bone around the root. So, an infection that was brewing for months went unseen by the dentist.

I trusted that they took and read the x-ray correctly. Pain kept coming and I kept being told nothing was wrong. I was also suffering from extreme fatigue and radical ups and downs, so I decided to take action. I had retrieved a copy of my x-ray and sent it to another dentist. That is when I was told that it was not a good x-ray. So, I went back to the same dentist for another x-ray, and still, “We don’t see a problem.”

Long story short, a brewing problem that the dentist could not see brewed to the point of bringing me to my knees with pain. A horrific infection went to the bone and broke me at every level. When we looked at new x-rays and old x-rays, we could see the infectious brew in its infancy. Now it was like a rebel teen creating all kinds of havoc in my body. I had also now become a good x-ray reader.

Are you bored yet? I don’t blame you. The ride I took once down on my knees in pain consisted of round of antibiotics, and a root canal. I said I would never do either of these again. But, quite frankly, I would have taken anything, done anything, bought anything, to get rid of the pain and get my body back in balance.

Trust me, I tried everything I could think of, all things referred by friends and trusted colleagues. But nothing worked. It was too late.

It is true. It is a new day, and we cannot throw caution to the wind any more. Two aspirin and bed is not enough. A simple filling is not enough. Now we must know more. We cannot always trust others. They, the professionals, are learning as fast as we are.

I am suggesting that you become as informed as you can about your mouth, your teeth, about oral health. The perfect opportunity is here for you to learn more with this fabulous summit beginning today.

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We must now be our own health care practitioners with the help of those who are pioneering a new, more vibrant way.

Aloha, Susan Teton

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