FullMoonBeach Happy New Year!

Full moon beach- Happy new year

When you read the subject line, "Does anyone want to get high?" What came to you mind? Did you think I was going to offer classes on how to make marijuana brownies? Well, not yet. But, I would like to open a dialogue about what makes you high. While we are on the subject, what does “high” even mean to you?

More and more people are using Marijuana for enhanced appetite, pain management, deeper sleep, mood enhancers, and just plain fun. People are also taking lots of supplements and pharmaceuticals to alter their mood and state of being. And, then there are those who like to fast to get high, run a 10k or do a yoga class.

For me, I can get high walking out in my front yard feeling the thick wet grass beneath my feet, and the morning sun on my skin. I am a nature nut, one might say. Being in beautiful nature just turns me on. I can also get high after a great work out, a wild dance or a fantastic meal.

Yet, one of my favorite highs is a full moon on my beach at home. I get excited and begin making plans a week or so in advance. Seriously, I am a bit overboard with the moon.

Just a while ago a friend called me and said she was leading a group tonight and the theme would be “Full Moon – Full Life”.

So with that said, what excites you? What gets you high? How does getting high help you live a full life?

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below: