Apple, Beet and Celery Salad

Personally, I like a light breakfast and then my heavier meal comes at brunch or lunch time. One of my favorite light breakfasts or afternoon snacks is my Apple Beet Sesame Seed Salad. This salad is made by grating the beet and apple on the very smallest slanted grid on the grater. This grid creates beet slices that are very small and juicy, and the apple comes out almost like applesauce. I add some ground sesame seeds (the white hulled kind) and top with walnuts. Since I hate grating, I don’t make this often, but I must admit that I love, love, love it.

This morning I had these beautiful beets that were of the lighter variety, white with red lines going through them. They are called Di Chioggia Beets. They are sweet like the red variety with a slightly less earthy taste. I grated it along with a half an apple I had in the fridge and added some chopped celery. I topped it with walnuts and enjoyed a most delicious light morning meal just before my coffee.


½     beet – finely grated

½     large apple 

1      celery stalk- chopped fine

Top with rinsed walnuts

Mix all together and enjoy!