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Sweet, Sour, Salty Bitter and Unami - these are the universally accepted basic tastes that are perceived and stimulate our taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (savory).

One afternoon I was visiting a friend of mine that was an Ayurvedic doctor. We unexpectedly talked into the evening and found ourselves hungry. At the time I had been traveling and there was hardly anything to eat in the house. He assured me we would find something and luckily, we did.

First, we discovered some russet potatoes in the fridge. We quickly washed, cut them in big chunks (peels left on) and put them into a pot to steam. Next we discovered some olive oil and parsley. “Perfect”, he said. While the potatoes were cooking, he chopped the parsley. Soon, when the potatoes were soft, he threw them into a bowl and drizzled olive oil all over them. Then he asked if there was any honey in the cabinet. What? I thought. As much as I love honey, I could not imagine it on steamed potatoes. Yes, that is what he did next - pour a little honey on the potato mixture. It did not stop there. He picked a lemon from the fruit bowl, cut it in half and gave it a squeeze over the entire bowl, topped it with salt and served it.

He went on to explain that in the Ayurvedic tradition it is important to put as many of the tastes that are available to us in one meal. This is not only the best way to feel complete after a meal, but it aides in our digestion as well.

Let me tell you, these potatoes were delicious.

Satisfying a desire for something luscious, fatty, salty and sweet!

I don’t always eat them this way, but when I want something simple to completely satisfy me, something satiating and luscious, this meal goes a long way to create to create complete satisfaction. And, it has inspired me to add a squeeze of lemon on many meals that I would not have thought of otherwise. It does the same thing a scoop of cultured vegetables will do for a meal - like the pickle on the hamburger.

This recipe is great for guests or potlucks.

Try it for potlucks - so you can arouse everyone with something new. You will also be able to fill yourself up and not be tempted by some of the “other” foods you may not want.

II added cilantro instead of parsley in the picture above. I love cilantro so much I put it on everything.  

Be creative and think about satisfying all your senses in one meal!