banana tea and banana snack

I have to give Dr. Oz the credit for this one. I happen to turn his show on the other day and found an awesome segment they were doing on sleep formulas. Boiling bananas to make banana tea was one of the ways.  

Banana tea is full of magnesium and potassium to help your body settle down and fall back to sleep. As stated on Dr.Oz's website:

"Studies have shown that magnesium can be helpful in preventing you from pulling yourself out of sleep, and the potassium and magnesium help your blood vessels and muscles relax."

Well, I am probably not going to get up and make tea if I wake up in the middle of the night, but I loved the idea of this recipe for several reasons:

1. My body is always in need or more magnesium. I get leg cramps easily if I don't get enough veggies and greens, which are full of the magic mag!

2. I love the taste of the tea, and the bananas cooked.

3. How cool is it that you can then eat the WHOLE banana. Yes, that's right. Once cooked the banana peel is not only nutritious, but taste great, and is loaded with fiber and vital nutrients.

4. The banana when boiled for 10 minutes is warm and lovely. With a little cinnamon, like in the picture here, you will have a wonderful snack or dessert - peel and all.

5. No more wasting away of banana peels!

6. I live in Hawaii, which is banana land. We are always looking for new ways to enjoy this incredible fruit. Now I am thinking of melting some butter or coconut oil over it. yum!


The water is boiled and then poured in a cup and sipped. It was good when cold too.

Here is the recipe from Dr. Oz's website:

Banana Tea


1 raw banana 1 small pot of water Cinnamon (optional)

Directions Boil water. Cut off both ends of banana and place in water. Boil for about 10 minutes.

Pour water through colander and into mug (I do not pour through a colander). Drink one hour before bed.  (Chef Teton says anytime of the day is good, but if you are using it for a sleep aide then evening is best).

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also eat the banana and its peel an hour before bed. For an extra flavor, sprinkle with cinnamon!