Beet Cucumber Swirl Barlean's asked me to make up some recipes for their new award winning Swirls. Swirls are fish oil and flax oil supplements appropriately named as they are made into flavorful mixtures with sweet flavors. One is a Lemon, which looks like lemon whipped cream and tastes even better. My first approach would be to make a sweet sauce to put on fresh fruit, but my roommate found the jar in my fridge and put it on her vegetables. She just loved it.....yet did not know what she was eating.

My next step was to enhance this sweet lemon flavor into a cool and refreshing sauce for veggies.

So here you have my first invention........Lemon Swirl with EVOO and some Raw Tahini......Add a little sea salt and it is the perfect simple sauce full of various flavors. Note the sea vegetable mineral mixture on the top; a dry mixture of various kinds of sea vegetables.