Can we program our bodies with our thoughts? I think so. But, do we know how, and are we good at it? Here is something that just happened to me that woke me up big time.

I have this vein in the back of my left calf muscle that is protruding out a bit. Now and then it aches. A couple of weeks ago it started throbbing with enough pain to get my attention. This happened during a couple weeks of being quite tired and overwhelmed with all the pressures that I (and the IRS) put on myself. I hate to admit it, but I was not a happy camper.

Since I am not medically savvy, only seeing my doc once a year, I was clueless to the potential effects of a blood clot in the legs. So, last Saturday, at the urge of a few friends, I packed up to spend the day in the ER to have the vein checked for a potential clot. I took my journal, a new book titled “The Mindbody Prescription”, my IPad and some nibbles. I was prepared for what could be hours of waiting, tests, etc.

Well, I am embarrassed to say again that it was one of the best days I had this month. Not the most fun, but the most peaceful. I was relaxed with nothing to do but read, write and Google while someone took complete care of me. Doing this was so much simpler than going to my doctor and then being referred to several other doctors, making appointments and traveling to various labs for tests. It was a one shot diagnosis. Worked for me.

Anyway, long day short, and after numerous test and lots of blood drawn, the doctors last words to me were, “You are as healthy as a horse”.  “Well, then why am I having this throbbing pain in my calf and what is this bump?” I asked. His answer was so vague that all I can remember is the word "inflammation". Of course, he did not really know. But, I was satisfied. I know all disease starts with inflammation, and that I had something that was starting, yet nameless now. Since I had been reading my new book for a couple hours, and beginning to journal my subconscious crap out of me, I became acutely aware of my negative thinking. I knew I had some inner work to do and that there was something else causing this inflammation.

That evening while flat on my back on my yoga mat I took a good look at my legs as they were raised in the air above me. I suddenly realized how many times I had said inside my mind “I can’t stand it”. OMG! When my little mind said this over and over again throughout the days it was referring to all the “stuff” I had to do. I also kept saying, “It is just too much”. Now then, think about this. I was continually saying over and over the aspects of my life were too much and that I can’t stand it anymore”. This is so untrue really, but I was saying it and creating proof of it in my body. When I gazed up at my legs and realized this I was horrified and regretful. It was in this moment that I apologized profusely to my body and legs. I pledged in that moment to begin to praise my body and continue with my read and study of the Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John E. Sarno, which I highly recommend and can comment more on as I read on. 

Upon completion of my yoga routine I wrote out a new pledge of praise to my body as I give her gratitude, and hopefully program her to greater vitality by praising her. If I can create sickness, injury or breakdown through negative thinking, what I can create out of praise?

 She Is Such A Good Girl” is what came out of me next. It is kind of silly, but fun. You might want to write praise for your own body. Give him or her what she deserves and praise on!

Give Your Body Praise

My Girl is such a good Girl. She sleeps beautifully each night while she restores and rejuvenates herself. She wakes refreshed and inspired for each day. While she sleeps she has awesome dreams, enlightening she and I about how to grow and live our life joyfully in service, and with fearless focus.

She has inspiration to do the things she must to steward herself, to show up for her family, friends and community.  She has the discipline to work diligently and rest when needed. She is such a good Girl.

She is grateful and happy for the opportunity to live here on Earth with me, her soul. She helps me become inspired and excited about the possibilities for expression, achievement and pleasure. She serves me, so I serve her.

She teaches me by letting me know when something is not right within me, whether it is my thinking or action. She will give me a nudge of pain or discomfort, her way of saying, “ouch” or “wake up and pay attention” when I am misbehaving. She likes it when I acknowledge her and honor her for her service to me.  She lets me know when I am treating her well. She treats me well in return. She is such a good Girl.

Her digestive system works perfectly. It absorbs all the nutrients it needs and flows gently, cleansing her of all the toxins and old debris as needed.  All of her cells continue to brim with renewed life. Her bones continue to build strong and her muscles strengthen while her connective tissues, tendons, hair and nails continue to grow with luster. Her organs are doing their job beautifully, working together creating a synergy that we all still marvel over.

Fortunately she has great eyesight, which improves daily along with her hearing. She gives me the ability to listen inside and out. No matter how many times she has traveled around the sun she often provides youthful radiance beaming from her aura. For this I am grateful. I would be lost without her. She would be lost without me.  Her system, which is magical beyond belief keeps me vibrant and alive. She is such a good Girl.

She is beautiful, healthy, happy and fulfilled. She is such a good Girl.