I love to start my day with a lemon, olive oil smoothie. Juice the entire lemon, add that to about 12 oz of water, a tbsp of olive oil and give it a little swirl in your blender or Vita Mix. I like to add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt as well.  


This mixture is a powerful liver cleanser and fortifier. It is actually pretty filling. Best to let mosey on down through your body before you eat. About 30 minutes is good. Then enjoy your morning tea or coffee, and/or your breakfast. Mine is always light because I am one of those people that just cannot eat first thing. Do what is right for you!  


Papaya (or local fruit), cultured coconut meat (or any seed cheese), chopped walnuts (or macs, pecans or cashews), and Celtic Sea Salt. A squeeze of lemon or lime-juice is divine. Remember to soak your walnuts, overnight is best is possible. Enjoy!