My New Breakfast


I was forced to change my ways recently. I am NOT a breakfast eater, so I usually wait too long to eat. Then I often get caught somewhere and have to make less than excellent choices or, my blood sugar goes down and then I am ravenous and will eat almost anything in sight.

Yes, you are not the only one.

So, recently I set out to eat breakfast as soon as food sounded good to me, and sometimes even before.  Instead of my usual piece of fruit and/or something light, I have begun to steam veggies and poach eggs in the same pan.

It has served me well.

Now, I get why they (those Dr. types) say you should eat a good breakfast. Mine is more at brunch time, but regardless, the carbs from the veggies (and sometimes I add a piece of sourdough toast), Cultured Superfoods, the fat from the butter and the protein from the eggs fill me up comfortably and sustain me all afternoon.

Now don't get all wigged out about the butter, and say "I can't eat dairy", consider the dairy source first. It is vital to use organic raw butter from pasture grazed cows. There are so many benefits to the fat in this type of butter it is alarming that it has been given a bad rap. We need a good source of saturated fat, according Weston A. Price's work and many others (see article on coconut oil, another healthy saturated fat). Besides being healthy, do you know what it does to your vegetables? It makes them delicious and it is proven that they are more easily absorbed and healthier when eaten with butter. True story.  If you can't get raw butter where you live then there are many organic pasture butters available. You can also use Organic Ghee, very digestible for many.

I love the way this breakfast provides me a steady flow of energy – no drops that ignite my caffeine craving (God, I love coffee) and no hunger until well into the late afternoon.

This is good. I feel so much more in control.

And, it is so simple. It has got to be simple for me or it is not going to happen, unless I am preparing a dinner for guests, and trying to show off.

Before I launch into the instructions, I want to share that if I eat a whole grain cereal, toast with cultured veggies, or a cultured coconut yogurt/fruit nut combo, which I often do, it does not last me in the same way. The same goes for smoothies (except green smoothies). I am usually so hungry and hour later that I must eat more. This could be OK,  but I usually don't want to take the time for another meal and don't like getting caught so hungry.

It is so inconvenient.

I believe that the reason this breakfast serves me so well is because of the large protein/fat component that satisfies and fuels me. My body seems to feel and look better too with this type of breakfast.  I want to add that I always have a green smoothie and/or some Beet Kvass lurking in the fridge that I drink before breakfast and in the afternoon. I believe it is good to have a lot of "life" in your foods when eating cooked foods.

Ingredients for My New Breakfast (sometimes dinner)

1 serving of veggies of choice: broccoli, Swiss chard, beets and carrots, collard greens, string beans, etc.

2 eggs (pasture is best - organic a must)

Pasture Butter (raw if possible)

Place a couple inches of water in a saucepan. Bring to boil and add in the broccoli, and reduce the head. Simmer until tender. Remove with slotted spoon into a serving dish.

Turn the heat back up in the saucepan with the water from the Broccoli so you can poach the eggs in the same water. You may need to add more water.

Top the veggie with butter and/or oil of choice (Barlean's Flax Oil is delish!). Get it here for 20% off.

When the water is almost boiling add in the two eggs to poach them.  When they are at the desired firmness, remove and place onto your plate. You know, they are much better for you if the yolk is soft and runny. Make sure the whites are cooked though.

Top with sea veggies (dulce or mineral mixture), chili flakes, Celtic Sea Salt and whatever else sounds good to your tummy!

And, although this picture does no show Cultured Veggies, make sure you include them. They will make this meal go down easily and digest to your benefit. The good news, the flavors will be enhanced tremendously!