Aloha & Mahalo for all your questions and comments on the Dietary Makeover Mastermind Course.  We’ve been listening and have planned a wonderful course for you!  This course will change your life by teaching you realistic integration of raw, cooked, and fermented foods for a lifetime of essential dietary nourishment. The course will use Essential Cuisine, my 6 DVD set (order here) combined with PowerPoint presentations and a once a week live teleconference coaching. The cost of the course will be $87.50, plus you must have the 6 Set DVD series.

The course begins March 2, 2012 with the introduction, Power Point presentation and your homework assignment. It will be posted for you to pick up at your convenience and/or emailed to you. The teleconference will be held the following Tuesday (it will be archived if you miss it), the first one being March 5th, giving each participant the opportunity to shop and do their homework prior to the class. In the following weeks we will repeat the same schedule, providing instruction and homework on Friday (before the weekend), with the teleconference the following Tuesday. Read more about the course here. On that page there is also an audio interview by Jill Mayo all about the course. Read and listen now!

Space is limited! We will be sending out the invitation to our mailing list on the Feb. 16th,  and registration will be open then. Stay tuned! If you have any questions, please

Be sure to get on my emailing list to receive your invite!