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Many of you know that I have been a foodie activist for a long time, and many of you follow me from the Food Revolution, created by Ocean and John Robbins. My foodie career started when I read John Robbin’s book, “Diet For A New America” because I was fortunate enough to work with John Robbins (Ocean was just a young teen then that was an incredible activist even then at 17) and the team at EarthSave International.

I share this tidbit of a story because I want to give you an idea of the time span that has taken place. It was 1991 when I went to work with John and the team at EarthSave. That is 28 years ago if I do my math correctly. Let’s get a perspective here. It has been 28 years since we have been warning the public of the horrendous side effects of our current food system both in our ecosystem and on humanity. We were headed for trouble then and now it is a devastating situation that calls for immediate action.

The Complimentary Film I am introducing is about action you can take now - that you must take because we cannot leave it up to others or the government. Not only does it show us how we take can action now, but it will also help you see why it is vitally important for you to eat food from healthy soil. Your system is much like the Earth’s. Your inner soil must be as alive as the Earth’s. Our bodies are mirroring the soil from which we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

All of us need food and we must protect our youth and their future food supply. Not only do we need food, but we need high quality food grown in high quality living soil. In addition to this dire need for our survival, our food system is one of the most vital places we can create change and mitigate global warming and climate change.

So, watch this incredible award winning film and find out what you can do and why it matters. Then please, let’s all get with it!

Let me know what you think and what action you will take. Watch here NOW.

Aloha, Susan Teton