Is it more fun to eat an apple while holding it, biting into it with ravished hunger? Or, is it more fun to eat an apple chopped up with other fruits? Well, for me it is a toss up. Sometimes it is just too much trouble to chop it up, yet when I do, I am so grateful. The reason is it feels so much more like a meal when I add other fruits, nuts, maybe some flax, chia or hemp seeds, a pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon. Yes!

I know this recipe may sound so easy, but I like to remind you that keeping your foods simple and putting an extra little prep into them will completely change the flavor dynamics. So grab the cutting board and a good knife and take that extra 5 minutes to throw what you have together. If you don’t like to chop get out the grater. It is an easy clean up and so worth the effort.
This particular salad looks a little skant if you ask me. But, it was a quickie, and actually more filling than you might imagine. If you will note in the photo I added a date cut into tiny pieces.

Secrets to making them satiating, delicious and juicy:

Being Satiated: The secret to having a fruit salad become a substantial breakfast or afternoon snack that will leave you feeling “fed” is in the nuts and seeds. Flax, chia and hemp are all filling. I would have sprinkled more of them on top but then the picture would not look very good.

Delicious: The secret to extra spark of flavor is the light sprinkle of Celtic Sea Salt, and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Juicy: The secret to making a fruit salad more juicy is in the grating. Grating an apple makes a sweet and juicy sauce for the salad.


Make extra and put it into a jar for an afternoon snack. It will become even more delicious over time.

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