Sharon in Laguna Beach wrote asking for Green Smoothie Recipes. Here is what she wrote with my favorite recipes that follow: "I love your Raw Food DVD's. I have many and your's are my favorite. The a la Oils is also great with many delicious recipes. I have a questions about vegetable soups/drinks. I love the raw food soup with avocado, but would love more greens. The powdered green drinks are awefull. I really cannot drink them. They make me feel bloated and full. I prefer real food. Do you have suggestions for an everyday green smoothie without the Avocado? Thank you so much. Sharon in Laguna Beach."

Thank you for your letter, Sharon. Here are my favorite Green Drinks. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie Recipes  - Delicious and Refreshing!

Every few days I make enough Green Smoothie to last me till the next batch. This way I do not have to make one each day, saving me time. Also, if I have it on hand then I am more likely to drink it daily. Surprisingly, it stays fresh and tasty for at least 3 days. The smoothie is usually pretty thick, so I just ad some water when I pour a glass. Store in a glass bottle and drink at least 4-6 ounces twice daily.

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