Green Smoothie Recipes  - Delicious and Refreshing!

I received the following question from Sharon in Dana Point. She wrote, 

"I love your Raw Food DVD's. I have many and your are my favorite. The a la Oils is also great with many great ideas. I have a questions about vegetable soups/drinks. I love the raw food soup with avocado, but would love more greens. The powdered green drinks are aweful. I really cannot drink them. They make me feel bloated and full. "

Every few days I make enough Green Smoothie to last me till the next batch. This way I do not have to make one each day, saving me time. Also, if I have it on hand then I am more likely to drink it daily. Surprisingly, it stays fresh and tasty for at least 3 days. The smoothie is usually pretty thick, so I just ad some water when I pour a glass. Store in a glass bottle and drink at least 4-6 ounces twice daily.

Veggie, Lemon, Apple

8 – 12 oz Water 2 stalks celery 1 - 2 sm carrots 1 whole lemon (peeled and seeded) 1 apple Handful’s of: Parsley Cilantro Kale

Blend all the veggies till smooth consistency.

Veggie, Tomato, Ginger

8 – 12 oz Water 2 stalks celery 1 - 2 sm carrots 1 whole lemon (peeled) ½ red bell pepper 1 tomato 1 lemon (peeled and seeded) Handfuls: parsley, cilantro and kale

Optional Ginger Garlic Avocado Jalapeño

Use any other veggies you may have on hand. I often include squash (summer and zucchini), broccoli, sunflower sprouts, and any other sprouts. Be creative. Apples will sweeten if needed and they combine well with all veggies.

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