What I want to express here with this recipe is that it is NOT a recipe.

It is a plate of food.

Don’t have time to cook? Eating well can be simple. But it still takes thought, time in the kitchen and clean up. It is just the way it is unless you can find places to eat out that have high quality food. My biggest concern about getting food in restaurants is the “fats”. Most restaurants don’t use high quality fats, even if they have olive oil it is not usually a high quality. This takes me to a whole other subject but, for now, I hope this gives you some ideas for “assembling” food on a plate to make a meal.

The importance with this plate of food is the dulse (sea vegetables). It is a bit dark, but you will see the pile of dulse on the plate. I have been eating dulse this way for years, and the Medical Medium (add link) and many other doctors and nutritionists herald the value of sea veggies and kelp. But, I find that most people do not really eat it. So let me tell you more about dulse.

Dulse is one of the easiest foods to prepare in the buff. Of course you can add it to soups and other dishes, but it is perfect on it’s own whether you soak it or not. Because it lasts forever, is light and does not need refrigeration, it is great for back-packing, traveling or eve a snack at home. When it is dry, before you soak it, the leaves are chewy, salty and taste like seaweed. Nibbling on it dry is rather tasty, but make sure you rinse your mouth before you flash a big smile, because it stays in your teeth easily. Soaking it in a bowl of water takes just a minute or so to soften. No need to strain it, just reach in the water and gather it up, ring out the excel water and add it to your plate. So easy. Drink the salty water that remains if you like - it is full of minerals.

Once the dulce is soaked it taste rather bland. I like it after I drizzle a little olive oil on top, and perhaps a little more salt, pepper and/or cayenne. It is great with avocado as well.

Getting back to this plate of food. My other good friend it the grater. When you grate a carrot on the tiny grate like this one is, take notice how sweet it is. Adding sweetness to your plate of food, helps to make it complete.

You will note that there is a toasted tortilla here that makes this meal extra yummy. I love something crunchy with a salad or meal like this, don’t you? These tortillas are made from almond flour, tapioca flour, water, and sea salt. I cut them in half and pop them in the toaster for an immediate crunch. They are a bit pricey, but worth it if you don’t want to be eating corn or flour.

Below is a list of foods on the plate. It was finished off by drizzling olive oil and lemon over the entire plate. This is still one of my most favorite and I must say, fulfilling plates of food. Use your imagination and use what you have!

½ avocado

Dried olives (on top of the carrot)

1 cup of dried Dulce - soaked

1 carrot - grated

Mixed salad greens



Olive oil


And to learn more about dulse and cooking as a healthy way of life, check out my How I Got Turned On Again To A Fabulous Diet post.

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