I just discovered that it is best to use more water when cooking millet than the standard two to one ratio. If you are making two serving, then 1 1/2 cups water to 1/2 cup millet helps it come out moist. But that is only the cooking. Preparing it to eat is another matter. My favorite way is to sprinkle my Mineral Mixture (a mix of sea vegetables: see: http://www.chefteton.com/products/dvds/a-la-oils-2-dvds), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, and fresh Cumin. If you have fresh Rosemary, heat it in the olive oil first and spread on lavishly. This is soooo good. Oh, and sprinkle some Red Chili Flakes on for a little heat. If you want to get even more decadent, then sprinkle on some Parmeseano Reggiano.  Or you could add a soft boiled egg on top, a piece of salmon, or a slice or two of tofu for simplicity. I like it plain or with some steamed veggies. Remember, it is all about simple and all about....... Making Every Bite Count!