This is not me....teehee

This is not me....teehee

The is so much more to healing than what you put in your mouth. As many of you know I have recently been through a healing crisis, so to speak. I went through a parasite cleanse, and a bit of a transformation in how I spend my days, which is what I want to share with you. I want to say that my new practices and the cleanse are working wonders for me.  

Although I consider my spiritual practice strong, I realized that I did more thinking about it being strong, rather than actually “doing” or “practicing” the modalities required to build a solid spiritual practice. By this I mean, a practice that works for keeping my grounded, peaceful, and in touch with my deeper needs.  Another way of saying it, is that I needed to create a more intimate relationship with myself; my thinking mind, my physical body and my soul. I can't let this thinking mind run away with me if I want to continue to age with vitality.

In my webinar, I talked about how important our mindset is. This not only includes how we speak to ourselves but also how we should “not” speak to ourselves. By this, I mean two things: 1) Our thoughts are the beginning of form. We create what we think, so if we keep saying negative things to ourselves and feel bad, then we will create more of the symptoms we are thinking about. Speaking to ourselves lovingly and positively is what will create a loving healthy body. 2) quieting our mind and creating space to not only have peace but to listen is required if you want to get it touch with your deeper needs.  It has been conclusively proven that meditation alone works to alleviate cortisol and reverse some of the stress caused to our cells through the fight and flight energy many of us live in. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this. You probably know this too. But, was I practicing it daily, or enough? I don’t think so, because I began to feel the side effects that stress had on my body. When I began to listen and pay attention I found that many of my thoughts had turned to fear, doubt and worry. I put out some diligence in inquiry and found new thoughts and attitudes actually began to turn my state of being around. How about you? Are your thoughts eating at your vitality, or are they adding to the vibrancy of your being?

To strengthen my practice and give my body the opportunity to experience more peaceful down time I am now doing two things listed below, which seem to be working well. The good new is that I really enjoy the time I spend in this practice:

1. Each morning I spend at least 15 minutes outside in nature. I am the slowest waker-upper, so this is easy for me. I just sit and enjoy the fresh air, the breeze, birds, whatever. I sort of meditate, but mostly just sit quiet and begin feeling a sense of gratitude. I throw in some prayers and intentions for the day – not about what I am going to do, but how I am going to “be”. I don’t think about my “to do” list. I "feel" into the essence of peace, joy and connection. I aim to take a few minutes through out the day to find a quiet space and tune into the energy I created in the morning.

2. Once a week (I actually put this in my calendar) I do a “I Love My Body Meditation”. I have included the instructions for this meditation below in an mp3 audio file. This is not so much a guided meditation, but you can use it for that if you like. It is more of an instructional piece that you can do on your own.

How we speak to our bodies is so very powerful. I can’t say enough on this. For those of you who listened to my webinar you may remember the story of Myrtle Fillmore, the woman who healed her multiple sclerosis by telling her body and body parts how strong and vital they are. There are many more stories of using your imagination to create and body that works like you want it to. It is through the imagination that the formless takes form. She went on to start the Unity Church. Once you begin doing this practice, you will be able to carry these thoughts with you throughout you day, signaling gratitude and vitality to all your cells and body parts. Trust me, this is what happens, and it works over time.

This is such a simple practice that costs nothing and takes very little time. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear from you!

With what we know today, there is no reason why we should not age with abundant vitality. Book a call with me Now, and let me help you achieve the vitality you deserve!

Aloha Blessings,  Susan Teton

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