Mom's 90th Birthday Party

Here is my Mom on her 90th Birthday celebration in April. Yes, she looks amazing. She is a beauty, always has been. Her spirit is stronger than any human being I have ever known. He voice still sounds like a teenagers. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for all the gifts of life you gave me. Thank you for boosting me out of the nest at 18 with total confidence that I would manage beautifully. I carried that confidence throughout my life, always knowing I could do whatever I wanted.

Thank you for instilling our family with a sense of FUN. Yes, we had fun! There was lots of humor, singing, playing and laughing.

There was also lots of love. I always knew in the deepest part of my soul that I was loved. Even though you could not provide me with everything you wanted from the material world, you gave me what money could not buy and that was love. You drove me crazy for years and I never could understand why. But, it became my life's journey to drop the rebel identity and seek love, acceptance and respect for you. Perhaps it was that we were very much alike.

Thank you also for your fierce independence. You always lived with a strong intention to take care of yourself and not depend on your children. Even though it was hard for you, you showed up strong.

Thank you also for teaching me to have style and that looking groomed, clean and as pretty as possible was important. Thank you for sending my sisters and I to modeling school so we could learn manners and how to be graceful with our way in the world.

Thank you for being there for my son, for traveling with me to Northern California to visit him. Thank you for not allowing me to go through our tough times alone.

Thank you for teaching me at a very early age that healthy food is important to build a strong body. Some how it was a catalyst in creating a path for me that has been extremely fulfilling.

Thank you for your children's songs and for singing us to sleep at night. God Bless you.


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