The following is a fun missive about my relationship with my body, an excerpt from my writings and memoir. My Girl

Through a lifetime of study I am with myself in a way that is more aware than I was when I was young. It seems I constantly open and expand. It is like there are two of me now. The one doing, acting - the body; and then there is me the observer – the one steering me. Sometimes that part of me steering me is asleep and my body just moves – and then there are times I am acutely awake watching me – my body. Can you believe that sometimes we fight – or argue – negotiate for the actual play out of the entire day, an hour or a minute?

I care about her, this vessel I live in – she is My Girl. She carries me through the day. She takes walks, swims and dances for me. She eats for me, expresses me in all ways. Without her I would just be a mind with wishes and longings. But with her I get to explore, I get to feel, I get to see and smell, and chew and swallow, and dance and play. I get to feel life move through me. I get to feel the Earth move through me: the air, the water and the soil. With her I get to feel, to laugh and cry. I get to watch movies. I get to drive my cool car and hang out with my friends. I get to clean and take care of my house too. I get to dress her, groom her, make her pretty. I get to say who touches her. I get to touch her. I get to touch others. She is not me. She is My Girl. She is mine to live in. How she functions determines how I get to live, what I get to do while I am living here on Earth.

I love taking My Girl for walks because I love nature. I love moving and seeing beauty. I love to hear too; music, inspirational talks, stories from my friends and the sounds of birds in the morning. I love putting her to bed at night when she is exhausted. Sometimes it can be a chore to brush My Girls teeth and wash her face when she is tired. She does not want to move anymore than I want to make her. Sometimes I am tired too – tired of steering her, feeding, motivating, and managing her.

This is our one opportunity and she has been bestowed to me to live here for a limited time on the Earth. I continually have many decisions to make about how to care for My Girl. New information is always pouring in and I keep searching for better ways to live and experience this life she and I have been given.

One day, during our exploration, My Girl and I were awakened profoundly.

In a flash, all of a sudden, I could see more about how 2w was not just living on top of the Earth, but that she was connected to the Earth. I saw how she was and is part of the Earth. Now I was able to see and feel how I live with My Girl and the Earth together. No wonder I loved the Earth so much. She, the Earth, is also I and My Girl's life source. Now I could see how My Girl breathed her, was watered and fed by her. I started to see what My Girl did that had an impact on the Earth. Now I could see how I had to motivate and steer My Girl in ways that would care and steward the Earth as well. Oh gosh, now I had an even bigger challenge in stewarding my My Girl, but it was worth it. My Girls life and me were enriched by this awareness.

Knowing how the Earth works actually helped me to see how My Girl works-both of us a living ecosystem. I am not sure why I didn’t see that earlier in My Girl’s life, and me because it is quite obvious, but I didn’t. As a matter of fact, I did not see a lot of things. As time goes on I continue to see more.

I have found that I can ask to see. The request to see is not visual. All I have to do is open My Girls eyes and heart to see that way. I am talking about “seeing more of life, hearing from the great mystery, the place my soul communicates with to obtain a larger perspective. It’s like the me that is moving My Girl’s fingers right now lives somewhere else in addition to inside My Girl. When I go to that place, there is space and more voices to communicate with. Perhaps it is God, my angels or my higher power. Those are the names the humans give the mystery voice – our source – and our inner guidance. When I touch in this space – real close and quiet, I feel love.

I am in love with this experience and with My Girl. I truly love her and am grateful for her.  I enjoy taking care of her. She serves me so I do my best to serve her.  Because.

She is My Girl.