Nutpods Non Dairy Creamer

Here it is, Nutpods, my favorite non dairy creamer, smoothie ingredient, gravy thickener, topping for cereal, egg enhancer, beverage for chia seed puddings, and more to be discovered. 

As you can see there are 3 flavors, all delicious. What I love is that they are not over flavored, but instead just a hint of the flavors shown above. I love mixing it with my coffee and a couple tsp's of cacao powder. Blending it makes for a frothy drink.

The smoothie that I make with orange juice, is best when the vanilla or original is added to make a mixture of half orange juice and have coconut milk (nutpods). Seriously, I crave it. If you are not sugar sensitive add a couple of dates. Yum!  If you can't get it at your local healthy food store or market, try contacting them directly.

It is always best if we can use fresh almonds and coconuts, but it is not always easy. These come packaged in relatively small containers that do not need refrigeration until opened. This way you can take one out with you during the day or when your are traveling. This is a great product.