This Raw Banana Mango - MacNut Pecan Cream Pie is just coming out of the dehydrator after a 3 hour bake at 115 degrees. The pie pan is layered first with sliced bananas, then sliced Mangos. After those two layers of luscious fruit, then another layer with another row of Bananas. Make sure you bring the bottom layer of sliced bananas all the way to the top of the dish (see pic).

For the cream filling, mix 1 cup soaked Mac Nuts and 1 cup soaked Pecans together with the following:

1 tsp vanilla + 5 soaked Medjool dates (with the soaking juice) + enough water to make a nice creamy texture.

Spread on top and dehydrate for about 3 hours. Then place 1 - 1/2 cups un-soaked pecans in 1/4 cup honey water with 1/2 tsp Nama Shoyu or Tamari. Toss until glazed and then spread on top of the pie in a beautiful spiral.

Refrigerate for a couple hours before serving............and enjoy!!!