You have no doubt heard about the health benefits of Flax Oil, how it is the only oil recommended by the Gerson Institute for cancer treatment, and how effective it is in preventing heart disease, weight loss, and inflammation. And there is more. It is known to support immune function, mental clarity, flexible joints, better digestion and glowing skin! But, has anyone ever told just how DELICIOUS it is, and thatit makes a great addition to steamed veggies, grains, raw food sauces, dressings, dips and much more?
The Missing Link About Flax Oil? The Flavor!
When I was playing the role of a food advocate in the mid 90's and was a vegetarian (mostly raw food), people used to comment about how great my skin looked. I would respond by saying, "It is because of the oils". Many vegetarians at the time had pasty looking skin that begged for good fats. Today people still comment on my skin, and I still say, "It is because of the oils"......Flax oil that is!
Now listen up because what I am about to say is vital in choosing flax oil. Not all are created equal. Trust me on this. I have tasted them all while visiting mills to see first hand how they are pressed, packaged and shipped. As we all know, fresh is best when it comes to anything. Fresh insures nutritional strength as well as flavor. That is why I choose Barlean's.
Barlean's is my choice because their oil is pressed then sent straight to you or the store you buy it from. It does not sit on a distributor shelf somewhere for months, and therefore does not require the extra processing often required for a safe and healthy shelf life. The processing I am speaking about often compromises flavor and texture.
Have you ever tasted the nutty flavor of fresh ground flax? Well, that is the luscious flavor that comes from Barlean's freshly milled flax oils. Not only will a flax oil with this quality nourish you as it is meant to by Mother Nature, but it will enliven a large variety of foods and recipes.
Those of you who have my DVD's know many ways to use Barleans Oils to enliven and enrich lots of veggies and salads. For those of you who don't now is the time to put luscious healthy fats and oils in your body! Order Chef Teton DVD's Now !

Here is one of the many ways I like to use Barlean's High Lignan Flax Oil, along with a recipe for Raw Mini Mana Bread:          Order Barleans - Receive 20% off all products!
  • Purchase the prepared Mana Bread in whole foods grocers or make your own (recipe below).
  • Slice off a piece and toast lightly to warm (or place in broiler to warm for a few moments)
  • Pour a full tablespoon or more of Barleans High Lignan Flax Oil on top of the warm bread. Sprinkle with a Celtic Sea Salt and enjoy!
Recipe: Mini Manas (need Dehydrator or use oven at lowest temp).
  • Soak 2 cups of wheat berries and sprout until tails are about 1/4 inch long.
  • Soak a bowl (1-2 cups) of dates, figs or prunes (or another dried fruit of choice).
  • Soak 1 cups of walnuts for about 5 hours.
  • When all of the raw ingredients are ready, place wheat berries, fruit, and water in Cuizinart. Mix until moist and smooth-with a slightly chewy texture remaining.
  • Add extra water if needed. Dough should hold together yet be moist and easy to mold into small loaves. Add in chopped walnuts before making loaves. Dehydrate until sort of crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Store in airtight containers and refrigerate or freeze.
  • As you can see in the picture I like to make small "one serving" Mini Manas. They fit in the toaster and are easy for pack and go travel.
  • Place on plate and smother with Barleans High Lignan Flax Oil and a little Celtic sea salt. Yum!!!! (order Celtic Sea Salt or the Portugease Salt - texture and flavor to live for!)
  • The variations for Mini Manas is endless. For the holidays we made Mini Mana fruit cakes using a variety of dried fruits and included a variety of nuts and seeds.
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Other highly recommended products from Barlean's:
Their Greens are the vest best tasting.....period, as well as their coconut oil! The new Swirls are so delicious all you will need is a spoon. Go For It!