I see so many people purchasing dairy free milks in aseptic containers, which is OK, but not nearly as delicious, nourishing and affordable as making your own. First of all, most of these milks like almond, coconut, soy, hemp, etc., are pasteurized, which means they are no longer alive and fresh, which means the only value they provide to you from those precious foods, is, calories.

Although they may be more convenient and good for travel, they are not nearly as delicious and nourishing. The great thing about consuming nut and seed milks is that they contain essential fats that are fabulous for every part of your body. When these factory made milks are heated and processed they loose a lot of the essential ingredients and other nutrients that make them healthy and tasty.

In my Raw Food Series, you can learn to make your own. They are so simple. All you do is soak the nuts and/or seeds, rinse. Put in the blender with cold filtered water and blend. Strain if you like. The focus in my course is sesame seed milk, which is alkaline and also almond milk. You can also make milk from sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, and buckwheat to name a few. I like mixing a few varieties together. After making them, they store well in a glass jar for a few days. This is how you get “live” seed milks full of essential fatty acids.

Making your own milks is so easy and affordable, plus so much more. Give it a try. You will love the refreshing flavors.